Chris Mueller Era Likely Over

(Photo Credit:  Scott Paulus)

Amongst all the draft excitement yesterday, came this tweet from Josh Cooper of the Tennessean:

Direct.  To the point.  Didn’t even need the full 140 characters.  Although it leaves open to speculation who ultimately is saying no.  They won’t come back.  Were they asked to, and declined?  Or were they not even asked?

So, as AHL fans, here we are again.  A mainstay of Admirals hockey for several seasons, now hitting the road.  Darren Haydar….Rich Peverley…and now Chris Mueller.  Maybe Mueller will be the next Peverley, and a change of scenery (or two changes) will do wonders.  Or maybe the open market will decide that Mueller has peaked as a guy that is a rock star in the American league, and may periodically get the call to a big club.  Or maybe Europe is next for Mueller?

Regardless of where he’ll be heading next, let’s take a moment and appreciate the good times over the last four years.  We don’t usually see that kind of consistency for such a long period of time at this level.  It’s been a great run here.  We’ve been lucky to have him on our team.

So we’ll wish Chris the best of luck….preferably in the NHL, or with some EASTERN conference AHL team….  We’d rather not have to play against him 12 times like we do against Haydar….

8 thoughts on “Chris Mueller Era Likely Over”

  1. Weird. I was just popping on here for the first time in forever to see if there were any rumblings about Mueller. I am super bummed. Was my favorite player in an Admirals jersey for sure. His bobblehead night was one of my favorite memories this past season. Two late goals. His tandem fight with Latta was pretty awesome too. Best of luck wherever he lands. Between this and Halischuk may I officially say to David Poile: Boo.

  2. While it will suck to no longer see Mueller in an Ads jersey, I think we’ll see him in another AHL jersey. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him stay as a guy that plays “up” for a handful of games for the next few years then is a purely AHL guy, a la Haydar. Great AHL player, not sure he has “it” for the NHL.

    It should also be noted Nashville did not extend qualifying offers to Jeremy Smith, Jon Blum or Halishuck. I don’t think any of those are a surprise either.

  3. I’m actually pretty confused about this. Why can’t we have our own “Haydar”. If the Preds didn’t see big league potential in Mueller, why couldn’t we just give him a two way and keep him here? He’s become a fan favorite, consistently is one of our best players & does play well in the small doses he’s been called up. If he’s a career AHL’er as some speculate, why can’t he be our career AHL’er? I love MVG and am super happy they gave him a new deal but I don’t think he’s nearly as talented as Mueller. Same as Henderson-he is about the same age and hasn’t accomplished nearly as much yet they lock him up. Again, happy he’s here as I like him, just don’t understand letting Chris walk. Ryan or Jason, I would love to get your take on this. Or anyone really. Just trying to make sense of the move. Maybe Chris wanted to walk? Wants to try his luck with another organization where he’d play up on a more consistent basis? I doubt he’s headed to Europe. I was shocked Thang went last year. Thanks for taking my call.

  4. I think it’s a case of him being viewed, much like Haydar (who has been on AHL-only contracts for a few years now), that he was given a chance and it didn’t work out. I think some other team(s) will give him a two-way contract, but I still think he will end up mostly in an AHL jersey.

    MVG and Henderson are on two-way contracts, but that doesn’t mean they’ll play for the preds. Just that they’ll have that chance Mueller has had a few times already (yes, I know Henderson played for the Preds a bit at the end of the season). They may very well go the Mueller way if the Preds don’t think they are worth keeping either.

  5. Fan in the falls, you are absolutley right on the “how they are veiwed” once a guy is pegged as “too short” “career AHLer” “not NHL fast” or other phrases it takes a lot to get out of that shading. Haydar has been with the wolves for so long is (I don’t know all the details) his wife was diagonesed with a disease and the hospitals and doctors and treatments in chicago are state of the art. I know haydar wanted to go to europe the season after his run with the griffs. Mueller should be on a nhl camp roster with a shot to break in but don’t be surprised if he goes to germany or finland for a few years to escape the labels of “ahl lifer”

  6. Good discussion here.

    Lots of moving pieces too….As to why we can’t have a ‘Haydar’…I think there are at least a couple things in play, the first of which is a philosophical difference of how to run an AHL franchise when compared to the Chicago’s and Peoria’s of the past. LOTS of veteran talent on those teams, making top AHL dollar. Meanwhile, the Admirals are mainly stocked with Predators draft picks, with just a sprinkle of a veteran free agent here and there. The free agents don’t usually seem to be the focal points of the offense, like a Cheechoo might have been. And then on the player side….they need to agree to that role. And I’d be willing to guess that Chris Mueller still thinks he can play in the NHL. And I think so too. It wouldn’t surprise me if he got tired of waiting for Nashville to give him that chance, watching guys get called up before him. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s ready to start fresh with another organization in the interest of furthering his professional career. I think there are some people who read the blog that know him personally….if they’d like to share anything, that might clear some things up.

    And ONThere? Thanks for reading.

  7. Agreed. I think he probably was sick of the Preds passing him by. I do hope he’s successful somewhere. To be totally objective, to stick in the NHL though, no matter what team would sign him, he’ll have to play better than he did when he played with the Preds. He was good on the faceoff, but didn’t really have an impact otherwise (I understand the irony of this last part as Gaustad is paid very well for essentially filling that role…hence why Preds fans can’t stand his contract and how often he is injured).

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