MVG gets NHL opportunity

Photo by Scott Paulus
Photo by Scott Paulus

Mark Van Guilder is finally being rewarded for his time in Milwaukee, as the Predators are signing the center to a two-year, two-way NHL contract. At the ripe age of 29, MVG will likely make his big league debut next season.

According to the Nashville press release, the deal is worth $550,000 at the NHL level and $80,000 at the AHL level in 2013-14, and $550,000 at the NHL level and $85,000 at the AHL level in 2014-15.

Over four seasons and 238 games, Van Guilder has given Admirals fans plenty to cheer about. Last season he finished fifth on the team with 14 goals and fifth in points with 32 adding to his totals of 36 goals and 83 points in an Ads uniform.

He’s also recorded seven career playoff points, including a double-overtime series-winning goal against Texas that most Ads fans will never forget.

Admirals past and present have described Van Guilder as one of the best teammates a player could ask for. He said at the end of last season that his time spent off the ice with his ‘mates are always his fondest memories.

MVG is highly regarded as a class act, securing both the Admirals Man of the Year award and finishing as a finalist for the Yanick Dupre Memorial Award for the third time in a row this season.

Your thoughts Roundtable? It’s always great to see a guy get rewarded for hard work, and we love seeing MVG finally get his chance.

How do you think he’ll fare with the big boys should he become a regular up there? Any line combinations come to mind?

5 thoughts on “MVG gets NHL opportunity”

  1. I don’t think this means he’s guaranteed to be in the NHL….by any means. It’s a chance for him to continue his career in Milwaukee and be in position to be called up if need be. It’s by no means a ticket to the NHL.

  2. Wow. What a misleading headline, and purely speculative take on the news.

    Hey — news flash….here are guys on two-way contracts that didn’t play in the NHL last year:

    Joonas Jarvinen
    Magnus Hellberg
    Anthony Bitetto
    Charles-Olivier Roussel
    Josh Shalla
    Taylor Aronson
    Patrick Cehlin
    Juuso Puustinen
    Jack Maclellan
    Scott Valentine
    Scott Ford
    Ben Ryan
    Mike Moore
    Joe Piskula

    You think a two-way contract means that ” MVG will likely make his big league debut next season”??????

    It’d be great if he did. And he might. But talk about putting the cart before the horse! Wow.

  3. Best wishes to MVG. Hope he gets his chance at the NHL, he deserves it! He has been a hard working leader in Milwaukee. Both on and off the ice. It’s true this contract is no guarantee but it is a good start at what could be a great opportunity for him. As good as it is having him in Milwaukee, I hope he makes it in Nashville.

  4. Yikes fellas let’s give Trey a break here, he knows as all of us do that it doesn’t mean he’s secured a nhl spot BUT it does open the window wider for a guy I think fits right into nashville. The salary cap is going down next year not up, he’ll be cheap and effective for them on a gritty 3rd line. I say he makes the team out of training camp. He’s one of those guys like Fiddler that doesn’t make your jaw drop with big stats but does all those little things right and works hard all the time. Also if he doesn’t get a nhl spot nashville likes having those battle hard vets to show new guys the ropes in the pros like yonkman did and ford does. Happy for MVG!!!!

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