Ads keep riding high into All Star Break

Photo by Scott Paulus
Photo by Scott Paulus

Milwaukee scored its second straight win against a team that’s given them some trouble this year, the Peoria Rivermen.

After stopping a regular season-high 44 shots Friday night, Jeremy Smith didn’t show much fatigue making 38 saves.

Jack MacLellan opened the scoring with his first goal of the season 7:01 into the first period. Taylor Beck added to the lead with his seventh 9:37 into the second.

With about 4:40 left in the period, however, Chris Bruton got Peoria on the board. Smitty kept the Ads ahead for most the third period and it looked like the Ads might hold on, but Derek Nesbitt tied it up with just 1:29 to play.

With a possible win streak in jeapardy heading into overtime, good old Chris Mueller gave the Ads a lift. Mueller picked up his 14th goal of the season to win the game one minute into the extra period and send Milwaukee into the All Star Break on a high note.


The power play was 0-4 again, so they still weren’t able to get that going.

You can watch All Star Victor Bartley represent us tonight in the skills competition at 10 pm. on Time Warner Sports 32.


Happy with the win over Peoria to keep things on track?

Puusty breaks out Friday and now it’s nice to see J-Mac get his first. Who’s the next Ad you’ve been waiting to see back on the scoreboard? I got Lajunen.

What event would you most like to see Bartley compete in? Hardest slap shot anyone?

2 thoughts on “Ads keep riding high into All Star Break”

  1. Well points-wise, right now he’s 80th in the league with 14 G and 10 A. On the West’s roster, there’s only two players with the same or fewer points than Mueller (Quintin Laing and Gabriel Dumont). I have no idea where Mueller was in points when the voting was taking place, perhaps he was even further behind at that point?

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