Streaks snap in 8-2 blowout over OKC

Photo by Scott Paulus
Photo by Scott Paulus

Coach Dean Evason had talked about his team’s recent buildup of frustration. Friday night provided release of that frustration.

The Admirals pulled off an 8-2 laugher over Oklahoma City on Country Music night in front of their biggest home crowd of the season.

The victory snapped Milwaukee’s six-game winless streak and (even more relieving) the power play snapped its 30-0 scoreless streak.

A long list of Ads had big nights.

When Jeremy Smith stops a career-high 44 shots and doesn’t get the first star, you know it’s been an impressive team showing.

Juuso Puustinen came to play scoring the first, sixth and eighth Admiral goals to record his first hat trick since an exhibition game at home in Finland last year.

And Puusty said after that performance he’s going to be gunning it more the rest of the way.

Austin Watson scored 49 seconds into the second period on the power play to get the monkey off the unit’s back.

The lineups looked a little different with Mueller and Cehlin seeing some time at the point. Evason talked about what Mueller added to the PP and whether we can expect to see him at the point in the future.

But in the offensive onslaught, ironically, Milwaukee scored on just one of four opportunities with the man-advantage. The Admirals did, however, nab a shorty courtesy of Scott Valentine 12:40 into the final period.

Evason had expressed concern about the guys passing up shots, but that was no issue in the victory. They let shots fly and it paid off for once. Coach was pleased with that.

But again, ironically, the final shot tally was misleading. You would think judging by the scoreboard the Ads would’ve crushed OKC in the shooting department, but Milwaukee was actually outshot by a whopping 46-29 margin. Smitty’s night was just that good.


Evason said Ben Ryan will be out for a while with an “upper body” injury and Josh Shalla was sent down to Cincy today for an undisclosed period of time.

We got a chance to catch up with Victor Bartley and ask him about how much crap he took from his teammates following the Gangnam Style parody as well as his quite eventful last two weeks.


Well, they finally scored on the power play. Allow me to open the can of worms by asking “What do you think they did to break the skid?”

Who was your first star? I personally think that as nice as a hat trick is, Smitty might’ve gotten the edge with his career night.

Do you think this turns the corner?

What did you think of Victor Bartley Style? Kudos to Charlie Larson for painstakingly putting that together. Think it’ll be going viral?

4 thoughts on “Streaks snap in 8-2 blowout over OKC”

  1. OKC can’t win without their NHL guys. They are in for a long season. Milwaukee can win. They have a chance to make the playoffs.

  2. Adsfan brings up a point that I thought about during the game last night. While we hack away at the Ads for their lackluster performance so far this season, one thing that generally escapes the thought process is that every team had members of the big club playing. OKC was no exception, and it certainly didn’t hurt them. Now that the big bucks have moved back to greener pastures, things start to fall back to their natural level. How would the Ads stand now if they had had mid-echelon Preds players on the roster for the first half of the season?

    Well, that’s my attempt at a possible mea culpa should the team prove to thrive, playing against players of equal ability.

    It was really good to see Puustinen step it up. Let’s hope that he can continue, and inspire some others along the way.

    Austin Watson, hmmmm. He may not walk on water, but go ahead and freeze it, and he surely can skate on it.

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