Should Cam Reid Be Signed To An SPC Contract?

Only one player has been signed to a PTO contract so far this year for the Admirals, and that’s forward Cam Reid.

A 7th round draft pick of the Preds in 2009, Reid was not signed to a contract, and became a free agent.  He played last year with St Cloud State of the WCHA and the Portland Winterhawks of the WHL, making it to the finals of their playoffs, before participating in Milwaukee’s training camp this year.  Reid played one game for Peoria before signing a new PTO contract with the Admirals on November 20th.

17 games later, he’s getting regular minutes, most recently playing on a line with Austin Watson and Juuso Puustinen.  He has five assists on the season, with a couple of them of the spin-o-rama variety.

The PTO contract is up after 25 games.  Based on his play, do you feel that he deserves to have his PTO turned into an SPC (standard player contract)?

3 thoughts on “Should Cam Reid Be Signed To An SPC Contract?”

  1. From what Cincinnati Cyclones head coach Jarrod Skalde said it sounded like Milwaukee really wanted Reid this season but due to the lock out he became an odd man out and he fell in our lap here in Cincy. He looked impressive in the the few games he played here; impressive enough to get a look from Peoria. That look from Peoria had to score Milwaukee a bit. With Reid being a free agent he can sign anywhere which means a player who should have been playing from the start for the Ads could wind up anywhere. I wasn’t shocked when they called him up immediately after getting released from Peoria. If I recall he was called up along with Josh Shalla and a few games later Shalla was returned while the free agent Reid sat in the stand on a PTO. It’s a move that from the outside looks like the Ads aren’t willing let him slip through the cracks. I won’t be surprised if we don’t see him here in Cincinnati again, if we do it will most likely be after clear day.

    All that being said, I think it really comes down to what happens over the next week with the NHL CBA. A team can sign a player to a max of 2 PTOs, that’s 50 games. At this point there’s no point in signing him to an SPC unless the NHL and NHLPA get their acts together. If the NHL starts up rosters will change and having Reid on an SPC will give the Ads flexibility to keep him up or send him down without risk of another team snatching him up. If the lockout continues, there’s no reason to sign him to a SPC since he can sign another PTO which basically takes him through the end of the season.

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