So If The Lockout Ends….What Happens Here?

(Photo credit:  Scott Paulus)

In the ebb and flow of NHL labor negotiations, we seem to currently be ebbing in optimism.  Sides are talking,  concessions are being…umm…conceded, and there may be some kind of resolution this week.

This would be great for hockey.  I hope it works out.

In the event that it does work out, what will happen to the Admirals?

We didn’t have a ton of Nashville guys come down, but we will still feel the sting when they go back up.

I think it’s safe to say that Ryan Ellis will be going back up to Nashville.  I think a strong argument can be made that Jon Blum will probably be the 7th defender in Nashville.

With Mike Moore and Mattias Ekholm already out with injuries, losing Ellis and Blum would be quite a blow to our blue line in the short term.

Imagine a defensive lineup with: Bartley, Valentine, Jarvinen, Roussel, Bitetto, and ____?  Taylor Aronson maybe?

And then up front… with Gabriel Bourque’s injuries (he’s only played in 13 of 31 games), is it still a guarantee that he’ll go back up to Nashville right away when he’s healthy?  I think that is up for debate.

Chris Mueller should probably be in the discussion too.  A constant in Milwaukee over the last 3 and a half seasons, does he really have anything left to prove here?  And is there enough healthy talent in Nashville to keep him off their roster?

Things will certainly look different around here when the lockout ends.  But as we’ve heard every coach tell us over the last bunch of years, this will create new opportunities for other guys to step into larger roles, and hopefully raise their own games.  Every team will have to make some adjustments.  Such is life in the “A”.

Okay Roundtable….just the one question…..Who do you think we’ll lose to the Preds when the lockout ends?

5 thoughts on “So If The Lockout Ends….What Happens Here?”

  1. Ellis and Bourque (maybe he’ll remain until he’s 100%?). Blum may get the frequent flyer miles this year, and be the one who gets called up and sent down? With a shortened schedule, would they need to maintain 7 d at all times, or could they keep one down in Milwaukee, always on call? Blum does deserve it though. His play has greatly improved this year.

    What’s the status on Ekholm?

  2. Bourque will come back here when he’s healthy. His playoff performance earned that. Mueller sure can play in the AHL, but his production shuts down in the NHL – not sure he gets the call right away unless we have that many injuries (I know Sergei is hurt).

  3. I agree with CreedFeed and Steve. Ellis gets called up. Why call up Blum to make him sit on the bench for more money? Call him up when the Preds have a spot open. Milwaukee only has 6 healthy D-men with Foss out for the season, Moore and Ekholm injured.

    Bourque plays in Milwaukee until he gets re-habbed. Mueller stays in Milwaukee to play, he was -4 in last year’s AHL playoffs. So was Blum. Maybe Latta, MVG, Beck or Watson and Henderson get called up for 1 or 2 games each as a mini NHL tryout. With 48 games, there isn’t a lot of time to experiment with the line-up.

  4. While there isn’t a ton of time to experiment with the lineup, I imagine there will be increased wear-and-tear, and having options to get some fresh legs out there as needed will be beneficial.

    I think we’ll lose all four. Ellis, Blum, Bourque (when healthy), and Mueller. Maybe Mueller gets returned to us when Bourque is healthy, but I think he plays some games with them.

    According to Cap Geek, they’ve got 14 forwards…but one of them is Jack MacLellan (who hasn’t done anything here), Then there’s Bourque (injured), Kostitsyn (injured), McGrattan (and his 5 minutes of ice-time each game) and maybe some other injuries we don’t know about yet.

    In the past, they’ve kept 23 players. I think it makes a lot of sense for them to take Mueller, much to our dismay.

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