Changing Of The Guard

Hey everybody.

You ready for hockey season?  Are you ready to meet the new cast of players that’ll be suiting up for the home team this season?

I am too.

There’s going to be a new cast of Roundtable writers too.  So today’s note is to officially announce that I’m turning over the keys of Admirals Roundtable to someone new this season.

What does this mean for you?  Probably not much.  The site will continue on as it has in previous seasons.  It’ll still be a place for Admirals fans to read up on the news, discuss the awesomeness or atrociousness from the previous games, and speak their minds freely and constructively.  That has and will always be the mission of the Admirals Roundtable.

You’ll just probably get less Beef-A-Roo and Mountain Fury references.

You may have seen some posts written by a gentleman named Trey Killian towards the end of last year.  He’s a journalism student at Marquette University, and a big-time hockey fan.  And he’s going to be responsible for the majority of the content this season.

The experience that he’s going to get out of this is actually something that’ll be useful to his career aspirations.  It can be a really great thing to put on one’s resume if one fancies oneself as a sports writer.  From writing a coherent recap of the events of a game, to knowing what questions to ask (and which ones NOT to ask) coaches, and all of the relationship building….there’s a whole lot more for a guy like Trey to gain out of the operation than there is for me.  So we’re going to give him the opportunity to take the keys and continue the excellence of the Admirals Roundtable.  And then when he’s a famous writer and making appearances on loudmouth ESPN afternoon shows, we’ll be able to say that we helped him get there.

I’ll be making the trip to Grand Rapids for opening night, but after that, I will likely just be pinch-hitting periodically as a writer….and commenting more often as a reader.

You’ll still see me at the arena, so I’m not going away.  But it’s time to move on from full-time blogging.  It’s been fun, but it’s time to go.

Trey will be monitoring the @adsroundtable twitter account.  But if you need to get a hold of me, I’ll periodically be chiming in at @RyanAdmirals .

So with that….. please welcome Trey Killian as the new Editor-in-Awesome at Admirals Roundtable.  Here are the keys buddy…. Remember, 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock.  No talking on your cell phone while blogging.  Wear your seat belt press credential at all times.  Don’t stay out too late.  Call me if you need anything.

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