AHL Contracts

In our last episode, we shared the names of the individuals who Nashville sent down on Friday.  Names not included on that list were Jon Blum, Chris Mueller, Roman Josi, and Craig Smith.

Josh Cooper from the Tennessean had reported that “Defenseman Jonathon Blum said he would sign a contract with the Admirals.”

An AHL deal?  How is this possible?

To clarify this, I reached out to our contact in the AHL front office.  And here’s what it boils down to.

In the event that the National Hockey League locks out its players, the AHL will permit its clubs to sign to AHL contracts those NHL-contracted players who concluded the 2011-12 regular season or playoffs in the AHL, or who were on a 2011-12 AHL Clear Day List.

Blum would be eligible to sign an AHL contract for the duration of the lockout.

A logical extension would be that Chris Mueller would be able to do this as well.

Josi and Smith?  Still can’t confirm.  I don’t know if the extension that Smith just signed changes anything.  And Josi?  Not sure.

14 thoughts on “AHL Contracts”

  1. Milwaukee’s 22 are better than the Icepigs 26!

    Is that no good #$@%^&*$# Rob Shick on Rockford’s roster? Is so, I have to make a few signs!

  2. I checked. Rob Flick, the April Fool, is on Rockford’s roster.
    Go get him Jeremy! Two hand tomahawk chop to the mouth with your goalie stick for openers.

  3. Ok, so now we’re in a lock-out. No Mueller, no Smith, and no Josi. Instead we’re left with the antics of one Jon Blum.

  4. Roman Josi – Has NOT signed to play overseas . He is in Nashville working-out with his locked-out teammates.

  5. On the Forecheck has a story about Josi. He has signed with his old Swiss League team SC Bern. Bummer was hoping he would come here!

  6. The NHL has cancelled pre-season games through Sept 30. The season is supposed to begin on October 11.

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