Checking In With Public Address Announcer Matt Moore

(Photo credit:  Scott Paulus)

Dog days of summer….time for some fluff pieces!

Public address announcer Matt Moore.  Everybody likes Matt Moore.  Everyone misses him when he’s out of town and that ‘other guy’ fills in.  Sincerely, I believe we are very lucky to have him, and I’d put him up against any other PA announcer in hockey.  A true professional, a great voice, and a super guy.

So what’s he been up to since Game 2 of the playoff series against Abbotsford?  Let’s find out!


AR:  How heartbreaking was it for you that the team was swept in the first round of the playoffs?  

MM:  I always like to see the season get into the month of May at least (June is REALLY nice) so it was definitely heartbreaking to see them swept.  Especially considering how well they were playing in the last 2 weeks just to get in the playoffs – didn’t expect to be swept, even by a good Abbottsford team.

AR:  What was it like being in the penalty box area during that game against Rockford with the bench clearing brawl?  What was going through your mind as it was happening?  

MM:  It was surreal for sure.  It seems like that used to happen at least once a season in the IHL days, but since joining the AHL, not nearly as often.  I actually thought it might continue further when Scott Ford was right in front of me with no official near him trying to keep it going.  After it was over, I was disappointed that I didn’t think to record some of it with my iphone.  It was definitely the first time I have seen both teams sent to the locker room before the period ended.  

AR:  I imagine the brawl game was probably pretty high on your highlights list for last season.  Any other highlights for you?  

MM:  Meeting Kirk Muller was really cool, also, the entire month of April, seeing the team come from “out of the playoffs” to the 5 seed was really memorable.  Also, I did get “caught” walking across the ice during the Badger band 4th period, and was surrounded and forced to participate by some of the band members.  There are so many interesting promotions done on a yearly basis and I am very fortunate to be able to meet and interview some great people year after year.  

AR:  What have you been up to this off-season?  Anything interesting during your summer vacation?  

MM:  I am enjoying my banker hours of 8-4 daily this summer.  I do a lot of running – did the summerfest half marathon and will be doing the madison mini marathon in August.  Will spend a week in the Minocqua area for the good ole family vacation in August as well.  

AR:  The Predators signed a defenseman named MIKE MOORE, who will probably spend some time in Milwaukee this year, and may end up being the captain.  Is it going to be weird for you to say your last name in the big announcer voice a whole lot during the season?  

MM:  Weird, No.  Awesome?  Heck Yes.  If he ends up in Milwaukee I think I really will enjoy announcing that name.  Its a great name.

AR:  Are you afraid you may call him “Matt” at some point?

MM:  I’m hoping that I can avoid that…..

AR:  I hear that the Chicago Wolves PA Announcer resigned.  Did you know him at all?  You wouldn’t ever pull a Haydar and go work for them, would you?  

MM:  I never did meet him, but I have been to a handful of games in Rosemont over the years and always thought he did a good job.  My dad was a Chicago native….. but no, I would not pull a Haydar.

AR:  Are you practicing names already, or will it be a few weeks into the season before you’re happy with the way you announce some of the names of the players?  

MM:  I won’t practice names until at least after training camp.  So many will come through for camp but won’t make the team.  I hear there may be some really good names for me to learn this year though.

AR:  What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve had on mic?  

MM:  During an interview a couple seasons ago,  I kept calling Ryan Flynn “Matt Flynn” as in the former Green Bay back up QB.  I interviewed him after a first period goal, screwed up his name a couple times, then he was first star of the game so I had a chance to redeem myself and STILL got it wrong.  He gave me a look that said, “what the heck to I have to do here for you to get my name right?!?”

AR:  Are you superstitious?  Will you wear the same suit if the team is on a winning streak?

MM:  I am not particularly superstitious.   In the past, there have been some games where I will decide to stand up for the entire 3rd period if the Admirals are behind – or at least until they score a goal – but that is about it.  The suit idea is good though.  Maybe I will go with that from now on. 

AR:  How long have you officially been with the Admirals?  Which hats have you previously worn?  

MM:  I started in 1999 and did the roaming PA for three seasons until 2001-2002.  Have been the PA since then so I guess this will be my 15th season with the Admirals.

AR:   And finally, how does one get to be a member of Dean The Dream’s Little Dreamers?  Are there any other running gags that are a little more under the radar?  

MM:  The Little Dreamers is a very exclusive club, but there are no membership requirements so all are welcome.  For those that don’t know, Dean the Dream is the Admirals timekeeper.   He is currently accepting applications for enrollment in the group.  Other running gags?  One game there was a Ric Flair group – fans all said “woo!!!” after I announced it, so I decided it needed to be a group at every game – at least announced.  Also, I generally do not introduce myself as the PA announce but rather some other noteworthy sports figure.  Many fans have noticed and will come to me before games to give suggestions, or ask who it will be.

4 thoughts on “Checking In With Public Address Announcer Matt Moore”

  1. Matt is much better than the “other guy” Ryan. I got to meet Matt when I was picked as the first fan to play the hockey trivia near the end of the IHL days. He asked me how thick were the face off circle lines, the diameter of the circles and what was the radius of curvature of the corners? Somehow I came up with the correct answers. The next time he asked a fan questions it was what are the team colors and division name! I still liked him even though I got the PhD level questions.

    Ryan, thanks for the chocolate chip cookies and the Admirals Short Shifts T-shirt!

  2. Matt is definitely much better than the ‘other guy’. You get 100% agreement from me.

    And Matt isn’t a ‘puker’ when it comes to announcing. So refreshing! Compare him to the guy in Rockford? No contest.

    Ah, the Short Shifts t-shirts……those were the days….

  3. It always makes me a little bit sad when Matt announces himself as himself. Part of the pre-game fun is trying to think of which athletes have been in the news lately that might be our PA announcer

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