Report: Herbers Offered U of A Job After All

What a bizarre news cycle.

Sunday, a blog posts a story that Coach Herbers is going to be the next head coach of the University of Alberta Golden Bears.

The Edmonton Journal follows up, and has confirmation from someone on that hiring committee that says it’s not true.

And now we get this…..also from the Edmonton Journal.

“Days after a source on the University of Alberta Golden Bears hockey head coach selection committee quashed rumours Ian Herbers would be the team’s next bench boss, the Milwaukee Admirals head coach will in fact take over the Bears coaching reins.

When contacted Sunday night via text message to confirm rumours that Herbers had been offered the job, Alberta general manager Stan Marple vehemently denied Herbers’ candidacy, let alone him being offered the job.

“He has not been interviewed nor did he apply…he is coaching in the AHL next year why would he come here?” Marple said via text message.

There are no sources cited on this new information, and I haven’t seen a press release of any kind yet.  So on the scale of officialness, I’m inclined to rank it a bit below a  ‘confirmation’ and somewhere above a ‘rumor’.  But the author tweeted that there should be an official announcement tomorrow… we’ll see.

I have reached out to the Admirals, and they are unable to confirm anything at this time.

However, let’s say for a moment that it is 100% true.  Herbie will be going back to coach at a place where both he and GM Marple played together from ’89 to ’92.   And the Admirals will be looking for a new coach this summer.  Maybe Stan Drulia will be the guy for the job?  Maybe they’ll look outside the organization again?  All kinds of speculation for another time on another day.

And if this is all 100% true, and if I’m Evan Daum (the writer for the newspaper), I’m pissed off right now.  Like, flames….FLAMES….on the side of my face…. pissed off.  Here’s the thing:  I don’t like being lied to.  And that wasn’t one of those Fleetwood Mac sweet little lies…  It was one of those lies that would be right at home in a political commercial funded by a Super-PAC.

It was the GM that said it too!

I get it….they’re going through their HR process and they’ll announce it when they’re ready to announce it.  They don’t want stuff getting leaked ahead of time.  Fine.  Great.  Nothing unusual there at all.  But there are ways to accomplish that without jilting a media member that had the courtesy of coming to them first before publishing a story.  Not every writer out there does that, and Marple should appreciate the ones that do.

Don’t want to give him a comment?  Tell him, “We have no comment.”  I’d rather hear that than find out later that the comment they did provide was a large heap of bull-pucky.  Tell him to sit on the story.  Tell him to expect an announcement in 48 hours.  Marple doesn’t have to say anything at all, and that’s why him going out of his way to be deceitful gets me fired up.

I hope there comes a day when Daum gets a pretty amazing scoop…and Marple asks him to sit on the story…..and Daum tells him “No.”

Meanwhile some play-by-play guy for a Junior A team in Fort McMurray tweeted on Sunday sans source that Ian was offered the job, and is gloating gloating gloating about being (reportedly) right today on the tweet machine.  Because nothing says “credibility” like a guy who points to himself as if to say “See?  I’m right!” and tries to rub it in the faces of people who actually would have preferred to see a source to back it up.

What a circus.

Can the Stanley Cup Finals start already?  Please?

12 thoughts on “Report: Herbers Offered U of A Job After All”

  1. The Checkers best goaltender is headed for the KHL next year because he thinks it will help his development, and he didn’t think he was utilized by this season’s coaching staff…. the decisions those in Hockey make often don’t make sense to me as an outsider… because to me, on paper, AHL hockey seems like a huge step above a Canadian university, but like you said, it’s “home” and that makes a difference.

    Good luck to the Admirals and their fans if this is all true… and yeah, talk about shitty reporting. My guess is a University in Alberta has no clue how to handle PR the way a pro sports team does…. not that it’s an excuse!

    Who’s your pick in the finals?

  2. I’m cheering for the Kings. Quick was one of my fantasy hockey goalies this season….so I’ve been quasi-cheering for them for awhile now…

    And Kovalchuk and his contract can go fly a kite.

  3. I mentioned in facebook, if this is true I would like to see Marty Gelinas be offered the position. He has the experience with the team already, and he made a good fit as an interim assistant in Muller-gate 2011. As far as the finals go, I have no interest in either team, that being said, I’m talking LA in 6.

  4. Go Kings is right! I have always been a fan of Matt Greene and Dustin Penner (yes, even when he was sidelined due to pancakes, I liked him!).

    And the Devils are just gross.

  5. Mark — I think Marty would be GREAT! Already has relationships with the players, and I think he’d be a great leader. Whether he wants to shift from a player development role to a behind-the-bench role….we’ll see.

  6. I personally didn’t like Herbers as a coach. Yes, I have no real fact to base that on… just observations from a fan looking from the outside… From a fan’s perspective it sure seemed like the team didn’t respond well to Herbers, or Herbers couldn’t get the team on the right track. Most of the year we saw see-saw action – the team would play great for a few games and then revert back to a team that doesn’t gel. There’s just no excuse for a team making basic mistakes 3/4ths of the way through the season. Many games from January on looked like games from the first two weeks of the season. Yes we finished well and made the playoffs, but that team had so much more potential that for whatever reason was lost a majority of the season.

    Again, I don’t know Herbers. This is just my opinion as a fan observing from the stands.

    I hope we look outside the organization for a new coach! Should be an interesting offseason now… with a search for new coach, potential of Magnus Helberg coming over from Europe, a few new young college/junior players making their way here, etc…

  7. If Herbers leaves I would like to see us hire Green Bay Gamblers Head Coach Derek Lalonde, in his first season with the Gamblers they won the Clark Cup and also the regular season title, the Anderson Cup with the 2nd best record in USHL History.

  8. Well I wish Ian the best in his taking the reigns of his “home” team. Thanks for the past season. I never was very confident in the gameplan and the ability to get the most out of the players last season. I look at coach Noel and even Lambert at times and their ability to see a player and challenge them to raise their game and work harder. Hope the next bench boss is like that. In the finals its the devils all the way, I can’t stand dustin brown and his whining and bitching about every call he gets and his great ability to dive and get away, plus I don’t understand how a team who has a losing record 40-42 should be even let in when both colorado and dallas had more wins…. Apprently losing is winning… Perhaps points system needs a tweaking.

  9. Like CreedFeed and Frontrowjon, I thought that a different coach would have gotten more out of the talent this season than Herbers was able to get. Good luck in Alberta!

    That Stan Marple guy is a big time liar. How does that make the Athletic Department and the University of Alberta look? Why didn’t he just say “No Comment” like a civilized person?

  10. “Some play-by-play guy”? Ouch.

    Love the blog, though, guys. Keep up the good work.

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