Nothing Is Confirmed Until It Is

You may have seen a story this morning on the On The Forecheck morning links about Ian Herbers going to coach the University of Alberta Golden Bears.  From The Pipeline Show blog.

Sources tell TPS that former Alberta Golden Bear defenceman Ian Herbers could be the team’s next head coach.   This would be an interesting move on Herbers part who became the head coach in Milwaukee this year when Kirk Muller was hired by the Carolina Hurricanes as head coach.

Would he leave a pro head coaching job to take on in the CIS?  Even if it is one of the most coveted jobs in university hockey and provides the new coach with more time to spend on hockey with the creation of a General Manager position.

More time to spend on hockey?  More than what, the 12 month job he currently has?  And is it really one of the most coveted jobs in University hockey?  Really?

So that was posted on Sunday evening.  About an hour later, probably after some investigating and you know, attempts at fact finding….stuff like that…..the Edmonton Journal had this sparkling headline…

U of A athletics: Ian Herbers not offered Golden Bears hockey head coaching position

Here are two quotes from that story that are worth your time.

Ian Herbers, head coach of the Milwaukee Admirals of the American Hockey League and former University of Alberta Golden Bears hockey player, hasn’t been offered the Bears head coaching position nor was he even interviewed.

A source on the eight-man hiring committee confirmed Sunday night that Herbers didn’t apply for the vacant Alberta coaching position, which opened up when former head coach Stan Marple became the program’s first general manager in late March.

And taking a moment to take some shots at blogs and social media….

The Pipeline Show had speculated earlier Sunday night that Herbers could be the Bears next coach, while Ft. McMurray Oil Barons play-by-play man Tyler King had tweeted that Herbers had already been offered the job.

It may still happen, and it’s certainly an interesting development in our quiet minor league off-season.  But there’s nothing to see here yet.

2 thoughts on “Nothing Is Confirmed Until It Is”

  1. Must be one of the best jobs in Canadian College hockey!

    Do you remember all of the rumors about Barry Alvarez? He was going to Nebraska, Miami and Notre Dame, if I remember correctly. None of that turned out to be true.

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