Armchair GM — Ryan Flynn

(Photo credit:  Scott Paulus)

Continuing our look at some pending restricted free agents…let’s talk about Ryan Flynn.

The case for Flynn:  Took some huge steps forward defensively, and was a big part of the some shut-down lines that included Mark Van Guilder and various left wingers….Kevin Henderson completed the trio down the stretch.

The case against Flynn:  Through college (Minnesota) and his pro career, has never scored ten goals in a season.  With his skill-set, is there a higher ceiling for him offensively, or are we probably at the ceiling?

2 thoughts on “Armchair GM — Ryan Flynn”

  1. For flynn he just hasn’t shown me enough to say that he must be brought back. He’s a nice player with ok abilities and is good on defense. There are lots of guys that he can be replaced by. I like flynn but not enough to want him back.. If he’s in the fold ok if not that’s ok too.

  2. He’s definitely replaceable. I think you bring him back if needed (cannot sign someone of better talent to fill his role). He has the potential but so do many others in this or other leagues.

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