Armchair GM – Ryan Thang

(Photo credit:  Scott Paulus)

Aaron Sims has a great blog post up on the Admirals website that gives an outline of some of the guys we can expect in Milwaukee next season.  While some guys are under contract for next season (like Latta, Beck, Puustinen, and Bartley), there are a bunch of guys that are restricted free agents.

Let’s highlight some of those players, and then we’ll pose the question to you, armchair GM reader….should the Predators re-sign the player?

Today:  Ryan Thang.

The case for Thang:  He increased his goal total in his second full season, wore an “A” on his sweater for some games, and was a +29 defensively over the last two years.

The case against Thang:  He was MIA for most of January (although, arguably, a lot of the team was).  The expectations were that he would take a larger step forward offensively than he did this season.

5 thoughts on “Armchair GM – Ryan Thang”

  1. I like Thang and I do think they should resign him. But the Preds/Ads have a looooooot of other people to worry about first.

  2. Resign, yet Smitty should take priority, imagine a Packard/rookie tandem. Can you say charollette bobcats style record.

  3. I feel resigning thang would be a good idea. He is a solid player, has decent offensive abilities and is ok in sootouts. He has shown to be able to gel with many players on different line combos. He does need to be more consistant and if making the nhl is in his plans being a bit quicker may also be an area for improvement.

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