Admirals Lose Fifth In A Row

The Admirals had a lead for a change….their first lead since January 24th.  But the Peoria Rivermen broke a tied score with two goals in third period, coasting to a 4-2 win over the Admirals Friday night at the Bradley Center.

Same stuff, different game.

Here’s the coach.

The Admirals started the scoring off with an odd man rush. Kyle Wilson grabed a loose puck and took off down the ice with Ryan Thang as his wingman, leaving Brennan Evans the only man on D. Wilson never needed his wingman as he fired a shot on net from the far circle that beat Rivermen goaltender Ben Bishop for the first goal of the night at 5:03.

The Rivermen answered back at 11:05 off of a play that I am not quite sure of how it got in. Jonathan Cheechoo fired a shot from the point that (and here is where it gets confusing) hit Jeremy Smith’s stick? A defenders stick? Divine intervention? Either way it fluttered up in the air and in.

The second period is under—-….GOAL!!!! Yea, it happened that fast. Just :12 into the second period Blake Geoffrion found himself in the right place at the right time to net his first on the year and give the Admirals the 2-1 lead. Geoffrion was fighting down low when a puck came sliding right through the slot. He spun around to break free of his defender and slapped the puck right past a Bishop that was caught between playing the puck and staying home. As I mentioned this was Geoffrion’s first for the Ads this season and hopefully it opens the flood gates for many, many, more.

The Rivermen answered back later in the 2nd as Adam Cracknell puts just enough on a Smith rebound to even the score. Cheechoo fired a puck from between the circles that was stopped by Smith, who couldn’t hang on.  He sent the rebound towards the far circle. Cracknell was crashing down from the slot when he swiped at the puck and caught just enough to send the fluttering puck past Smith. Not really anyone’s fault…just a great effort by Cracknell.

The Admirals had an early power play chance in the third period with some excellent scoring chances, but came up dry with the man-advantage.  Shortly after the power play ended, Cheechoo scored his second of the game, that ended up being the game winner.

As Scott Ford and Anthony Nigro were battling, the puck ended up right under the two.  Neither player was able to get to the puck as thier sticks were locked. Cheechoo came on over and just slapped at the puck sending another slow moving shot over Smiths shoulder and in. This is the first time in the night I wondered if they should try to get something back and put Atte Engren in. I thought about that for a little bit and decided “nah”.

About two minutes later, the Rivermen got another one past Smitty.  This goal however was not Smith’s, as a sloppy turnover in the defensive zone led to some nice passing, and Derek Nesbitt had a wide open net to work with.

Here’s coach on the third period.

At the end of the game, the Admirals couldn’t even control the puck long enough to get Smith to the net for the extra attacker.



The Admirals probably had their most watched warm-up session of the year, but not by choice. The referee Tim Mayer blew a couple of tires on I-94 on his way to the arena.  We’ve all had days like that…so I’m not going to rip on the guy for that.

I think the turning point of the game was coming up empty on that first power play in the third period.  They had chances, thay had plays that should have been goals.

We asked Coach about the Nashville guys.

I’ll respectfully disagree about Blum.  He was terrible on the second power play, and I see way too many bad decisions.  A lot of them haven’t burned us, but it still makes you scratch your head.

Here’s a quote from Geoffrion…it’s funny because he talks about it being a young team…and he makes it sound like he’s not included in that.

Latta and Puustinen update…

You know what the Rivermen did really well on their goals?  They crashed the net and worked harder in front of the net.  Is anybody other than Stortini and maybe Brodie Dupont doing that for the Admirals?  Anybody?  Bueller?

Does Koger look really good, or just look really good in comparison to the other guys on the team out there?

We’ll end with Aaron Sims’ last tweet:  “Since Dec. 31 @mkeadmirals are 3-11-1-0. Every mistake is magnified. Time to end this garbage. Who will be the leader?”

Who will it be?

7 thoughts on “Admirals Lose Fifth In A Row”

  1. The game was summed up by the last 6 mins where they couldn’t get the damn puck out of their defensive zone to save their lives, and the sad thing is, it looked like nobody gave a rat’s ass.

  2. The team is playing poorly game in and game out first period and a half looked good and pp chances were there but they don’t get the job done. In years past I’d look at the standings in other divisions and see a team like springfield or san antoino with a bad record last in their division or league and think “man its gottta suck to go watch those games for those fans” well we are those fans now, we are going to have to face facts the team that’s been so money so consistent the last several seasons is that team that’s left out of hockey time in april and may. The team has good players but no great players, they play poorly more times than not in front of smith and he’s gotta be frustrated. Unless they figure it out over night I really don’t feel we’re gonna worry about buying playoff tix. This texas trip is going to be the most important three games thus far, its almost a must sweep trip. Sorry to sound real negative but its hard to try and sugar coat a dog turd and say its fudge sundae, the team is… Below average.

  3. I don’t know. We need consistent goal scoring across the board. We need better defensive play. We need a coach that can rally the troops. When I look at the shot totals we are pretty consistently tied or beating the opponents shots. Last night, we had 26, Peoria had 25. We went in to the third period tied 2-2 and Peoria scored on their first two shots. I do think we have great players. Mueller and Latta are great players. But the rest….defense especially, are not stepping up. Herbers is constantly messing with the lines. No one line is dominating right now. Where has MVG gone? He had one good month and now he’s invisible out there.

  4. I don’t know about someone leading this team. We have a stand-in coach, a captain that, frankly, isn’t very skilled and a very, very young team. It needs to be an all-around effort. We have a few good players that play consistently but they can’t do it alone. It’s about 3rd and 4th liners coming up with some goals. It’s about our goalie stealing a game here and there once in a while. It’s about the coach holding players accountable instead of towing the line and saying “they are getting there”. They seem tired, uninspired and frustrated. As am I.

  5. thats alright that nobody gives a rats ass, anyone who follows them on twitter knows they are looking forward to the nice weather in texas, and sitting around the airport listening to Geoffrion telling stories….

    wtf, are they a hockey team, or going on another vacation?

    Frustrating to say the least. I know teambuilding, commaradarie, all that stuff….but we are halfway through the season….that shouldn’t be an issue.

    Blum looked absolutely terrible, all night. Him and Geoffrion shooting back to back pucks into Bishops pad where if they would have elevated the puck at all would have been goals sums up this entire last month… Sutty said last night….things like that are the difference between playing in the AHL and the NHL.

  6. I’ve been saying all season that none of the players care about winning. Especially Blum. Finally others are realizing that too.

  7. The first period was a good showing, the second showed a markedly slower team, and the third period was brutal.

    Latta and Puus are definately missed. I think you guys are being rather bleak considering we’re missing them, but agree over the last stretch that we need to get it together.

    Smith has played ok. The guys in front have let him down, he’s also been out of position so he’s not error free but could use some help in front.

    Geoffrion and Blum have been major disappointments.

    Mueller, Latta, Puus, Beck, Valentine, Bartley have have been alright.

    Dupoint, Koger, Sloan are guys that I think hold some promise.

    MVG, Flynn, Laakso, Thang, FOrd, Wilson. Champagne, Stortini, Lajunen have all been missing in action. Yeah each has had a play or few in the last stretch of games, but I think they are all very uninspired. These guys have to show more.

    For me, half the team doesn’t seem to have the motivation, emotion, drive, etc. I think that reflects on the coaching staff. I have liked that we seem to be doing a bit more forechecking and perhaps a bit less dump and chase….. but…..there seems to be a lack of urgency, motivation, drive, emotion, desire, etc.

    For me, when half the team is uninspired, there isn’t a player leader than can easily shift that funk. The coaching staff has to give the whole team more urgency and motivation, then you look to that player leader to raise it a notch from there to go the next level.

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