Taking Inventory At The Break

Oh hi.  Welcome back to the blog.

So as the All-Star break comes to a close, it’s usually the time that pontificators (I’ll stop short of calling us “writers”) look back on the season so far and dish out grades to the players.  We’ve done it in previous years.  Makes for good discussion.

Grades.  That was the plan for this week.  I sent out some emails to Jason and Sutty asking them for their opinions.  They sent their thoughts back.  It was going to be a great big post.

And then I sat down to write it, and it just made me feel depressed.

The entire team deserves a big fat “D” grade for the last month.

What a 180 degree turn this season took.  I really can’t remember a more dreadful month than the January that we just finished.  13 games.  3 wins.  2 of them against Lake Erie, 1 against Texas.  0-8 against the Midwest Division.  It started off with a whimper, losing 1-0 to the Rivermen on New Years Day against a goalie playing his third game in three days.  And it ended with a sad effort against the Rockford IceHogs, who guess what, sit just a point behind the Admirals in the standings now.

It’s depressing because we’re not used to this.

And sure, as fans, we’ve been spoiled.  We’ve been spoiled to have a team that hasn’t missed the playoffs since the 01-02 season.    Sitting in 10th place in the conference (despite still having a few games in hand) is scary new territory.

So rather than a big grades post….I’ll just summarize the general thoughts in one paragraph.

Latta and Mueller had A’s.  Blum and Engren had D’s.  Everyone else was somewhere in the B and C range.  Sutty had the best line, equating Blum to the guy that tested into an advanced science class, then failed it, and is now failing the 101 level class.

Since looking back is unpleasant at the moment, let’s look ahead instead.  Here’s what I’d like to see starting Friday against the Rivermen:

– I want to see a team that re-charged their batteries at home over the break.  A little Tim Hortons coffee here….a little home cooked meal there….

– I want to see guys like Blum and Geoffrion make more of an impact on the ice than on their twitter pages.  Their presence was supposed to make this a better team.  They haven’t.

– I want to see rookies come of age.

– And I want to see the same energy and enthusiasm and swagger that the team had in October.  And November.  And December.

There are 34 more games in the regular season for the Admirals.  Lots of time left.  It’s a long season and every team goes through rough stretches.  Let’s hope the stormy weather is officially behind us now, and that we get a good effort against Peoria out of the gate here.

6 thoughts on “Taking Inventory At The Break”

  1. Someone made an interesting comment several posts back that I didn’t see mentioned or discussed any further… are we at a point where we can put the blame on the coach? We basically have the same team as we did to start the season. Muller had the team energized. Herbers took over and it started going downhill… :(

  2. I wouldn’t say the team went totally downhill after the coaching change, there we encouraging results for awhile. After being embarrased in Muller’s last two games in Charlotte the team went 10-3 before the new year and outscored opponents 42-26

  3. It has nothing to do with Ian Herbers , He is a excellent coach. Put the puck in the net ????.. The team going in a scoring slump at the same time is the problem. Also this team has to become more physical the rest of the way (other then Scott Ford) they are too easy to play against lately.

  4. As Ryan stated the team went 3-10 after the new year and was outscored 26-35. Bourque was called up on 12/28, Geoffrion was re-assigned on 12/28 and Blum on 1/6. Draw your own conclusions.

  5. Bourque had 2 goals in 25 games. But you are right, Geoffrion has brought nothing to the table.
    And I don’t know if Herbers is an excellent coach. I wouldn’t blame all the problems on him but I wouldn’t say he’s excellent. Not enough goal scoring, weak defense and no back-up goalie.

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