Ads Get A Point, Lose To Monsters In OT

The Admirals were facing a Lake Erie Monster goalie making his AHL season debut this afternoon.  The guy was signed to a PTO on Wednesday, and got the start today.  Admirals should have been salivating at the idea, right?

Instead, the 6’5 goalie Gerald Coleman played big and led the Monsters to a revenge win against the Admirals.

Former Admiral Hugh Jessiman scored the game winner on a power play with 49.4 seconds left in the overtime period while Taylor Beck was serving a tripping penalty.  The stick of Teemu Laakso was broken when he blocked a shot earlier on the shift.  Mark Van Guilder gave Laakso his stick, but it’s tough to be down a man and down a stick, and the Admirals could never get the clear.  A cross-ice pass from Tyson Barrie set up Jessiman’s goal, as he one-timed a shot from the near circle that hit the corner of the net.

After a scoreless first period, the Monsters got on the board in the second period off a great shot by Mark Olver. With the Monsters in the offensive zone, Olver fired a shot from inside the far side circle that “tinked” off the crossbar and past Jeremy Smith. It was one of the those tip-your-hat shots as there wasn’t much Smith could have done to stop it, especially since Olver was for the most part uncontested.

The Monsters extended thier lead early in the third period while on the power play. Joel Champagne was in the sin bin for a hooking call and the Monsters’ Luke Walker made him pay. With Brad Malone skating into the zone he was able to get down low and send Walker a cross-crease pass that was instantly fired home to give the Monsters the 2-0 lead. Smith seemed quite upset that they got the goal and I do not blame him. He had no back-side support and Walker was wide open to bury the goal.

The Admirals, not wanting the game to get too far out of reach, dug down and answered back with a goal of their own. Victor Bartley gathered the puck at the point and fired a shot on net that was knoced down by a defender. The puck carried forward where Kyle Wilson gained control, and fired a shot that beat Monsters’ Coleman. The goal looked great, as Wilson was checked from behind by Mike Brennan while shooting, forcing him to shoot it as he was falling.

Tyson Barrie was called for an interference penalty with 2:36 left in the 3rd period, and the Admirals pulled Smitty to make it a 6-on-4 power play.  And they converted that Mountain Fury Power Play.  It started with a clean face-off win by Mark Van Guilder, and then Kyle Wilson played the puck back to the point.  Victor Bartley sent it to Juuso Puustinen on the far-side point, and his snipe beat Coleman with 1:19 left in the period.

Taylor Beck’s tripping penalty in overtime?  It was a trip.  It was right in front of the ref.  Still, I’m surprised to see it called, especially after all the rough stuff that wasn’t called over the 2nd half of the game.


– 14 shots for the Ads in the first period.  15 the rest of the way.

– Beck had a penalty shot attempt in the first period.  Here are the rule violations referenced in the box score:

53.6 Penalty Shot – When any member of the defending team, including the Coach or any non-playing person, throws or shoots any part of a stick or any other object or piece of equipment at the puck or puck carrier in his defending zone, the Referee or Linesman shall allow the play to be completed and if a goal is not scored, a penalty shot shall be awarded to the non-offending team.

56.6 Penalty Shot – When a player in control of the puck in the neutral or attacking zone and having no other opponent to pass than the goalkeeper is interfered with by a stick or any part thereof or any other object or piece of equipment thrown or shot by any member of the defending team including the Coach or non-playing Club personnel, a penalty shot shall be awarded to the non-offending team.

So that’s that.  Beck had the goaltender beat on his attempt, but he pushed the shot wide right.

– Jeremy Smith played his third game in three two-and-a-half days. Here’s Coach Herbers on that decision.

That’s great….but still, I think it speaks volumes that Coach would rather play Smitty three days in a row, rather than give one of the games to Atte Engren.  The confidence that he has in Engren must be extraordinarily low at this point.  That’s the conclusion I draw from the actions.

– Gerald Coleman.  Signed to a PTO contract on Wednesday.  Hadn’t played in the AHL since the 09-10 season.  Spent all last year and had spent all of this year in the ECHL with Alaska.  This season, he was sporting a record of 17-4-2, with a 1.80 GAA.  Surprised it took him this long to catch on somewhere.  And if there is a lack of confidence in Engren….heck, why didn’t we jump at the opportunity to sign this guy?  Just because Engren is a draft pick?

I asked Coach about Blake, Dave Boehler asked about Chris Mueller.  Coach wasn’t really interested in going into much detail.

– Going back on the road now for four games, after not having all that much success on the road recently… still, Coach is confident as they pack their bags.

Questions:  Thoughts on the Coach’s decision to play Smitty 3 straight days?  Does it say more about Smitty or Engren?  How about Kyle Wilson’s goal?  One of the best of the year?  Surprised to see that Hughie is one goal shy of being a 20-goal scorer already this year?* (that question applies to everyone except reader Broad Street Bully).  Are you happy to get the point out of this game, or frustrated that it wasn’t two?

2 thoughts on “Ads Get A Point, Lose To Monsters In OT”

  1. Starting Smitty was a no brainer. He has 17 out of the 21 wins. He has been more than solid in the past games and he has shown he can be the workhorse of the team. Had Lassko not lost his stick, then the game would have went into a shoot out, with Smitty getting the W.

    Wilson’s goal was solid.

    Jessiman is having a good year, good for him.

    A point is better than nothing, however, it could have been 2.

  2. Smitty’s play might have earned him the start Sunday but IMO, if Engren doesn’t do well in his next start I think it’s time to give Pickard a look.

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