Ads Snap Skid With 2-1 Win Over Texas

No matter if Admirals won or lost at least the fans were going home with a great parting gift as tonight’s promotion was a Sheriff Scott Ford bobblehead. As it were, they were able to take home a win too, as the Admirals defeated the Texas Stars 2-1 at the Bradley Center Saturday night.

After being losers of 5 of their last 6 games, Coach Herbers said it was important to get those two points.

The Admirals were the first to dent the scoreboard, and the goal came on a Mountain Fury Power Play. At 8:32 Victor Bartley had the puck at the point. He sent a pass to the far side just above the circle to Taylor Beck, who one-timed a pass to Juuso Puustinen, who was inside the near cirle. Puustinen wasted no time in firing on net to beat Stars’ goaltender Andrew Raycroft. This was a great bang-bang goal type of play. See the great passing for yourself.

It only took the Admirals 1:15 to score another goal, and this time it was Joel Champagne doing the damage. Champagne had the puck behind the net and passed it across the trapezoid to Ryan Flynn, who attempted a wrap-around. Flynn’s attempt was unsuccessful, but Champagne, who was following the play, picked up the rebound and fired it home adding to the Admirals’ lead.

The Stars answered back with just under 4 minutes left in the first period. Jon Blum had the puck at the offensive near-side point when he attempted to fire a shot on net. In the process of shooting his stick snapped in two, sending the puck right to Colton Sceviour, who then took off down the ice, with a stickless Blum trying to defend. Sceviour put a shot on net that Jeremy Smith initially stopped. Smith layed out on his belly to corrall the puck using his stick to hook the puck back into his body. He never fully covered the puck and Mike Hedden grabbed the loose puck and just tapped it home, halving the Admirals lead to just one goal. With Smith on his belly there wasnt much he could do as he completly sold out to covering the puck. What I will say is that the Admirals didn’t seem like they had much urgency on the back check considering one of the D men was without his stick.  And here’s what Smitty said about the goal.

Then not a lot happened after that….until the final minute of the game.  Ryan Garbutt took a shot at Ryan Thang’s head.  Just two minutes for roughing, was the call for Garbutt.  And then the Stars were upset about something.  Confused?  So was Coach Herbers.


– The game clocked in at a brisk 2 hours 17 minutes tonight.  Not a lot of whistles in the second half of the game.

– The Bradley Center got their first look at Brodie Dupont tonight.  Which is interesting…because he was a lot like Dante….he wasn’t even supposed to be here today.

– Good crowd, but I dock them a few points for doing the wave.  Seriously.  The water is frozen.  There shouldn’t be any waves.

– Blake Geoffrion.  If he’s already afraid to go into corners, the hit he took on an offsides play didn’t help him get over that fear.  Blake missed the rest of the game after that hit.  Coach said he hadn’t talked to the trainer yet, but called it an upper-body injury.  And if you couple that with the Mueller callup, and some question about whether Dupont will go 3-in-3 this weekend….that may leave the Ads with just 10 forwards for tomorrow, if nobody can get gere from Cincy in time for the early game.  Time for some Voodoo Rosternomics.

– Quick turnaround….1pm against the Lake Erie Monsters tomorrow.  Here’s Coach on the matchup.

-And finally….geez Ryan, could you read those promos any faster???


Thoughts on the the Geoffrion or Thang hits?  Anybody leave their personal belongings under their seats, since they knew they’d be back here in about 15 hours or so?  If a D-man had to play forward tomorrow, who do you think it should be?

9 thoughts on “Ads Snap Skid With 2-1 Win Over Texas”

  1. The Ryan Garbutt hit was with the glove off. He should have received a game misconduct for the hit. On a side note, Someone should have knocked him into next week for such a cowardly hit.

    The team looked intense coming out for warm-ups, and the whole first period they looked to be on a mission. After the period ended it looked like the lights went out.

    Blum looked awful tonight. Not sure he is even the 2 nd best D-men on the team right now. I sure hopes he improves quickly.

    Crowd was loud and into the game. The TD dance was pretty solid.
    I have the song shake it good stuck in my head.

  2. Could we get the Puck Patrol and those involved with the “don’t lean on the railings, don’t through stuff on the ice, etc” to add “Don’t do the wave, the water is frozen”?

    Was it just me or did Raycroft seem totally disinterested during the 3rd period. When they came back on the ice, he was really slow when scraping the ice. Then during the commercial break, he was skating really slow. He might have been that way during the 1st and 2nd but I probably didn’t notice it.

  3. Garbutt punched Thang in the face with his glove. If the ref called a double minor (which I would have) then Milwaukee would have been awarded a penalty shot, if I understand the rules correctly, since the second penalty might never be served at all.

    I want to see Garbutt get hammered with bodychecks in Texas until he has to leave the ice. He was a punk for Chicago last season and he still is a major punk this season! He tried picking a fight with Latta in the first period for no obvious reason. He also hit an Admiral in the defensive slot in the second period about 2 seconds after a whistle. Somebody should have pushed his face in when that happened.

    Blake looked like he was sleep skating out there. He probably never saw the contact coming. I didn’t miss him, but I did notice a shift in the third period where Beck and Latta were not playing together. Dupont was out there with Beck and Puustinen. Dupont has to play tomorrow. I counted 12 forwards tonight along with 6 D-men. I didn’t see Slaney, Leaderer, Valentine or Ben Ryan. Are they all hurt or in Cincinnati?

    If we need a D-man to play forward, I vote for Carl (Skippy) Valimont, #6. He was the best at that for the Admirals that I can remember!

    Blum looked a little lost at times. In the second period he cross checked a guy in the SE corner. I think he was frustrated at his play and he got hit a few times. He also hit a guy on the end boards.

    There is no wave in hockey, just like there is no crying in baseball!

  4. unfitjg – I’m pretty sure the replay showed that Garbutt hit Thang with the hand WITH the glove on.

    Can Mueller catch a flight back before 1pm tomorrow? They said he was called up because Smith was under the weather. That doesn’t sound like a serious issue and he should be able to go by Monday right?

    I don’t know. I think I’m about ready to give up on Geoffrion.

    Cincinnati had a home game tonight so perhaps they can get someone here by tomorrow!

  5. Stars fan here. In response to AdmiralFreak, watch Raycroft during the Ads’ first goal. He’s in the butterfly about a day too soon and then lazily swipes his glove at the shot. This is not meant to take anything away from the shooter, that guy painted the corner with a great shot. But in general what we Texas fans are being treated to is the worst attitude we’ve ever seen, worse even than Fabian Brunnstrum. Bachman earning Raycroft’s job in Dallas meant an obvious demotion to Texas for Andrew despite being on a one-way, $600,000 contract. At home games he plays with total indifference, as though every shot and save is beneath him.

    No one can quite figure out why he’s getting so many starts. He has no future in the Dallas organization; after bombing in Dallas and now arguably underperforming in Austin, his trade value is really, really low; Tyler Beskorowany plays better with increased starts and you would expect the developing prospect to get the starts, not the underachieving, 30 year old former Calder Trophy winner with the attitude.

  6. Love you worked in a “Clerks” reference! I saw slaney had two goals tonight including the game winner in ot for cincy, maybe he’ll make it down here in time, perhaps someone can put the bat signal out and sixsmith will show up! Good to win again now its time to string a few “W”s together.

  7. Bonander-

    Good to hear about Bachman. I remember some awesome saves he had in the playoffs last season and hadn’t heard much from him since and was wondering what had happened to him. Good to hear it was a promotion, and not ineffectiveness. As far as Boyfroft getting the starts, it may not make sense on a development level, but remember it’s also a business and you don’t sell seats with losses, so you sometimes need to put in the better player even if he’s not your future (plus who wants to spend $600K on a doorman? Chicago Wolves/Atlanta Thrashers excuse me)! Although, from what you claim, the Stars may need to reevaluate who the better player is…. Eh well…. Good luck to ya!

  8. Mark-
    Bachman’s got a 6-2-0 record in Dallas, including the club’s only shutout of the season (against the Rangers in MSG no less). He got lit up by the Devils but has otherwise been very good. Better, I think, than many expected considering he’s of the 5’10” goalie variety.

    Personally the primary reason I don’t like this year’s realignment is because we don’t face Milwaukee as often as before. Great club, great fans, always close, tight games, generally without the kinds of cheap shots seen in games against Chicago and Peoria (Garbutt’s antics the other night notwithstanding …)

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