Chris Mueller Recalled

I haven’t seen an official press release yet, but Josh Cooper and Kevin Wilson are tweetinig that Chris Mueller has been called up, and will play against his hometown Buffalo team in his 2011-12 Predators debut tonight.  He’s apparently leading the stretching at the morning skate.

I guess things like this happen when the team scores 13 goals in two games, with Preds Assistant GM Paul Fenton watching in the stands.  Good time to turn it on, although the Mueller – Thang – Bourque line was kind of quiet last night.

Mueller leads the team with 17 points, on 9 goals and 8 assists.

No word yet on who replaces him on the Ads roster for tonight’s game in Peoria.  Chris Cahill maybe, although he didn’t play in Cincy’s last game on Tuesday…perhaps due to injury?  Maybe we’ll get a wild card guy on a PTO?  And no, we won’t get James Sixsmith.  Thanks.

According to the AHL transactions page, Chris Cahill has been recalled from Cincy.

And it’ll be interesting to see what Coach Herbers does with the lines without Mueller.  We are short one of our regular centers now.  Latta’s line was great last night, so I don’t think they’d want to break that up.  And I can’t imagine that he’d want to break up the Van Flynder combo on that line.  Does Lajunen slide up to play with Bourque and Thang?  Don’t think his play has merited such a move.  Stortini and Slaney are listed as centers on the Admirals website too.  We’ll see.

3 thoughts on “Chris Mueller Recalled”

  1. it’s about time mueller gets called up, he deserves to be up, with his continuous good play both ways.. we gonna miss him but thats what we are used too, good luck

  2. Finally!! Very deserving and cool for him to play his hometown team. Think we will be okay, lot of different guys have been scoring for us lately. Good to see Latta playing well.

  3. With kostitsyns injury sounding like he’ll be out for some time it appears that we’ll have to be living without mueller and wilson for a while. Kinda of a wild card idea but what about moving champagne on the thang and bourque line, might sound crazy but he’s done the most with his oppurtunities and has been chipping in goals lately.

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