Four Goal Explosion In Third Helps Ads Sink Rivermen

After a tight first 40 minutes, the Admirals exploded for four goals in the 3rd period, leaving the Peoria Rivermen behind by a 5-1 final score.

Michael Latta had a pair of goals and an assist, Taylor Beck had one of each, and Ryan Ellis had a pair of assists.  Meanwhile, Jeremy Smith was sharp, stopping every shot except for a Derek Nesbitt rebound on a 2nd period Peoria  power play.

That’s 13 goals in 2 games of the Ian Herbers era.  Here’s the Coach talking about the offense.

Michael Latta tied the game 1:20 after Nesbitt’s goal.  He was the 3rd man in on the rush, and had a perfect shot in the upper left corner of the net to beat Ben Bishop.

Victor Bartley opened the floodgates with a goal that Bishop probably wants to have back.  His shot from just inside the blue line somehow beat Bishop.  We’ll let Bartley describe the play.

About two and a half minutes later, Latta intercepted a clearing attempt at the offensive blueline, and tried to feed Taylor Beck down low.  Rivermen D-man Mark Cundari was in position to at least block the pass, but pass got by him and went through to Beck just in front of Bishop.  His backhander beat Bishop to make it a 3-1 lead.

Coach Herbers gave high marks to those two former Guelph Storm teammates after the game.

Mark Van Guilder and Joel Champagne completed a 2-on-1 rush.  Van Guilder waited for the d-man to commit to a slide, then passed through the slot to Champagne for his first AHL goal.

Latta scored his second of the game by getting behind the defense and taking a long pass from Ryan Ellis along the near side.  He went in all alone and his goal with 3:15 remaining in the game was the cherry on top.

And let’s not forget about Smitty.  He gets his 10th win of the season, and was sharp throughout.  Will he get the start tomorrow?  I think he should.



Bourque – Mueller – Thang
Champagne – Van Guilder – Flynn
Beck – Latta – Puustinen
Slaney – Lajunen -Stortini

Ellis-Sloan, Ford-Bartley, Laakso-Valentine

Here’s coach on the debuts of Laakso and Slaney.

– Puustinen had a penalty shot attempt after Danny Syvret give Juuso a hefty slash on the hands.  Puustinen made one move too many and then pushed his try wide right.

– Who didn’t miss Brett Sterling out on the ice?  This guy. (I’m pointing to myself)

– Bourque got called for a hockey-stop snow-job into the goalie.  Terrible.  That’s unsportsmanlike conduct?  Never mind the whack that Bishop took at Bourque with his stick immediately afterward.  That’s okay.  And then we had another one of those interference and diving on the same play calls later in the 2nd period.  Where do you stand on that debate?  Can it be both interference and a dive, or does it need to be one or the other?

– I thought the Admirals did a really nice job dictating their style of play for most of the game.  There were extended periods in the offensive zone, while the Rivermen were just one rush and done a lot of the time.  Definitely not the game they’d like to play with their offensive talent.  And the Rivermen started taking some extra chances in the 3rd, the Admirals were able to capitalize on their mistakes.

– I thought that this was one of Ryan Ellis’ best games of the season, especially as the game went on.  I also liked Joel Champagne on that line with Van Flynder.

– While it’s great to have Marty Gelinas on the bench right now, they are still searching for the permanent assistant coach.  Here’s what Herbie is looking for in his #2.

Just one question for discussion (but feel free to comment on whatever you want):  What do you expect in the rematch tomorrow night in Peoria?  It’s their first home game since November 11th, after 9 games straight on the road. (although, the last four have been in the region).

9 thoughts on “Four Goal Explosion In Third Helps Ads Sink Rivermen”

  1. Great effort by the Admirals tonight. For awhile I thought we’d have to do the teddy bear toss in between periods, which would have been lame, but we prevailed and they got to do it after a goal. Would have been even better had it been Puuuuustinenenen’s penalty shot goal, but beggars can’t be choosers.

    I thought Ellis did look a lot better tonight. This comes after I’ve thought he’d played his worst two games of the seasons in the last week or so. The Tuesday night game in particular he was repetedly beat out by opposing players on icings, when he was a stride or two ahead of the guy, and just looked out of place at times, but tonight he looked fine.

    Speaking of D-men. I really love the play of Valentine lately. I wouldn’t go as far to say I have a Linus Klasen like man-crush on him (Boy was I off on that) but he has at least 2 or 3 HUGE hits every game, and is otherwise really steady.

    I used to bitch ALL the time about diving calls, when called with a penalty…but tonight I SAW THE LIGHT! Bourque slashed the guy, and sure thats a penalty…but the Peoria dude acted like he had been hit with a bowling ball in the face. If he would have just taken the penalty like a man, instead of a sissy baby, the Rivs would have had a powerplay. But no, he acted like this was his audition for the Peoria Community Theater casting of Fiddler on the Roof…so yep, deserved a penalty…and I no longer feel the way I did about those 2 penalties being called at once.

    I expect more of the same tomorrow in Peoria, the Admirals will dominate Peoria like we have all season, and start another pesky streak.

    I definitely didn’t miss Sterling Crosby on the ice either.

  2. And if coach wants someone who will compliment him as assistant coach, I’ll be sure I tell him “nice tie” next time I see him in the media room.

  3. I think Slaney lucked out he only got a 2 minute minor on that boarding call…that looked pretty ugly from the opposite end of the ice!

    Good game overall, they didn’t score as many goals tonight, but I thought as a whole, they looked much better tonight than Tuesday!

    I think it was probably Smith’s best game of the season tonight. So many times I thought they were going to get a for-sure goal because Smith was out of position on an ugly rebound, but would somehow manage to snatch/kick the rebound attempts outta the crease.

  4. OH yes, the Slaney hit, could have definitely been more than 2…..and probably should have been. Can section 204 explain to me why the “nuts and bolts” chant was used after that?

  5. I was wondering that myself….Maybe thought more Peoria players should have been in the box for roughing, possibly? Or the other possibility, that some people only see offenses that the other team makes. I thought the refs let a lot fly tonight for both teams. Slapping Slaney on the wrist for that board was a good example…

  6. MiB, I sit in 206. From our angle, the Peoria player turned toward the boards at the last moment. Slaney hit him from the side (which isn’t a penalty). By turning, he made it look a lot worse than what it was by going down on his knees, which caused his head to hit the boards hard. With no turn, the Peoria player hits the boards with his left shoulder and bounces off. It was either 2 minutes or nothing, hence Section 204’s displeasure at the call.

    If the ref wanted to call some more penalties in that situation, he could have called more on Peoria. Their 4 other skaters all rushed over to that spot to start shoving Slaney and Stortini for an extended period. When #24 finally got up, he skated over to the Peoria bench. Another Peoria player came off the bench, but didn’t get involved in the scrum, although he got pretty close. Then the Peoria captain came off the bench and stopped after about 15 feet because the scrum was still going on. So Peoria had 6 skaters on the ice even though their injured guy had come off. I might have given a penalty to that first guy off the bench, there was no reason for that. If he takes a swing at an Admiral, that is a 10 game suspension! Their captain should have waited a little longer to come onto the ice, but at least I understood why he came out, plus he stayed across the ice from the scrum.

  7. I sit in 206 too…I think we need those sitting in 216-218, who had upfront seats, to settle this argument! If that can’t be arranged, how about a best of 5 thumb wrestle?

  8. I was okay with the 2-for-boarding call and I was a little surprised it wasn’t more based on the way things are being called these days. I don’t think they showed a replay after the hit (probably not a bad idea), but the way I saw it, the guy that got hit had his head turned and saw Slaney coming right before the hit. Shanahan likes to talk about how guys are or aren’t able to brace themselves…..this guy knew there was a train coming.

  9. After the 1st period, I thought this Ryan Hersey guy had just graduated from the Jeff Smith School Of Officiating. Certainly did let a lot of stuff go, and while both teams got away with lots of stuff, the Admirals were certainly the beneficiaries of that kind of game — keep that Peoria power play off the ice!

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