Kirk Muller Promoted to NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes, Herbers Likely to Take Over at Milwaukee

Amid the pile of coaching changes announced Monday around the world of sports, it appears that Admirals coach Kirk Muller has been promoted to the head coaching job for the Carolina Hurricanes.’s Pierre LeBrun reported through a confirmed source that Muller will replace Hurricanes bench boss Paul Maurice, who was in his second stint in Raleigh., which also employs LeBrun, also has the report on their website, but is vague at this point on specifics. originally reported that Muller was only rumored for the position, but has since confirmed that Muller will be Carolina’s new coach.

Muller leaves the Admirals after compiling a 10-6-0-1 record in just 17 games coached. Milwaukee is coming off of Muller’s worst weekend of guiding the Admirals as Milwaukee was swept in a pair of games at first place Charlotte (Carolina’s top affiliate), dropping a 3-2 decision Saturday night to the Checkers followed up with 5-1 drubbing on Sunday.

Certainly, there is some irony that these games will stand as Muller’s final contests with the Admirals prior to taking over as coach of the Hurricanes. Carolina was 8-13-4 and in last place in NHL’s Southeast Division prior to their midseason coaching change.

Ian Herbers will likely take over as Milwaukee’s head coach after two-plus seasons as the Admirals’ assistant coach. Milwaukee went 41-30-2-7 and 44-22-6-8 in Herbers’ two full seasons as Lane Lambert’s right-hand man, helping the Admirals reach the second round of the AHL playoffs in 2010-2011.

In other somewhat unrelated news, in the midst of a 5-9-1 slump the Washington Capitals have fired coach Bruce Boudreau and replaced him with former captain Dale Hunter. Hunter is the father of former Admiral Dylan Hunter, who retired from playing in the off season to pursue his own coaching career.

9 thoughts on “Kirk Muller Promoted to NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes, Herbers Likely to Take Over at Milwaukee”

  1. Wow. I decided to just check some news quick while waiting for a meeting at work… Interesting news… I think Latta’s tweet sums this up:

    “this has the makings of an interesting morning”

  2. Well I guess congrats to coach kirk, we hardly knew ya! Not that only losing this weekends contest wasn’t bad enough but now our coach is gone this really blows! Ian is a good guy but head coaching I’m kinda wishy washy on, so now a young group of guys still trying to get to know each other and form chemistry is left to follow another guy?! This has bad news written on it! For some of these guys- latta, beck etc this will be coach 3 in 1 and 1/4 seasons. You really wonder how much change muller is going to have on a less than medicore canes team….. Ugh frustrating and disappointing news………….

  3. Wow, definitely a shock. Usually when you are committed to a team, you commit for a full season, but obviously that wasn’t the case here. You kind of want to feel happy for the guy to get a gig in the NHL, but on the other hand, has he paid his dues at this level to get the chance? I say no. I used the term “Lundmarked” earlier today, and I think I’m sticking with that feeling. After 17 games to bolt from your team to another job….doesn’t give me a whole lot of respect. It just makes everytime you hear someone say they are doing things for the team…you wonder what they are really after.

    I do think the team will be fine. Ian is a great coach, and the players seem to really like him. He’s been the one consistant to some of these players over the last couple seasons, and I don’t think the falloff will be that great. Dave Boehler mentioned in his piece this:

    Martin Gelinas, the current director of player development with Nashville, will help Herbers until a new assistant coach is hired.

    I think that’s GREAT for the players. For him to have a chance to be hands on, and for the players to know exactly whats expected from him practice to practice, and game to game…I think some players are going to elevate their game.

  4. I don’t think the feeling of Muller bolting should be had here. The same thing goes for a player who gets promoted to the NHL. Yes, the difference is he is not in our organization any more, but the same concept of their goal being to make the NHL is there. I also don’t think Muller had to “pay his dues” for any set amount of time in the AHL. He was an assistant coach in the NHL for several years.

    I wonder if Herbers will have his own systems to follow, if he’ll maintain the current systems Muller put in place, or if he’ll now introduce or use Nashville’s systems? That would be my big concern. Changing systems 17 games into the season would not be good.

  5. EH, i kind of agree with MIB on this. Yeah, players come and go all the time, but you come to expect that in this league. You can usually guess that when a player’s doing well, he’s going to get called up soon.

    That’s not something you see a lot in the coaching world though, especially in the middle of the season. I agree that it’s kind of upsetting he would just leave after only about 25% of the way through the season. Coaches get fired all the time, the opportunities would have been there at the end of the season. Now he’s coaching a very bad Hurricanes team…could come back to bite him in the rear if things don’t work out.

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