Champagne And Ryan Swap Spots

The Admirals made a roster move today, calling up Ben Ryan from Cincy, and sending Joel Champagne to the Cyclones.

Ryan was injured during training camp, and has spent the season so far in Cincy getting back into hockey shape.  In 3 games, he had two goals and an assist.

Champagne started out with the Admirals, and received praise from the coaches early on for playing a good North-South game.  But Champagne has seen his ice time dwindle, and often would become a victim of a shortened bench in-game.

With Ryan Thang gone, these moves still leave the Admirals with just 11 forwards on the roster.  But they’ve got until Friday to get that worked out.

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3 Responses to Champagne And Ryan Swap Spots

  1. Nato says:

    Did Chris cahill get sent to Cincy too? Thought I saw that transaction.

  2. Ryan says:

    Yeah, they sent Cahill and Leaderer down last week….we didn’t do a big post about it at the time….but we have definitely questioned WHY Cahill was sent down just before a 3-in-3 stretch. Would have been nice to have had a 12th forward on Sunday, and some fresh legs.

  3. Thought that Champagne was being swapped for Ryan Miller from the headline.

    Just got his intro video and then would have to go to the bench and open the door during line changes.

    Where was that taped by the way? Looked like the boiler room in a couple of those snipets… :)

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