Same Score, Different Day; Ads Drop Second Straight

Editors note:  Please welcome Sutty back to the Roundtable for his first post of the season!  -RM

The Admirals got more trick than treat on Sunday at the Bradley Center as they played host to the Texas Stars. In the last of a ‘3 games in 3 days’ set for the Admirals, they fell to the Stars 5-3.

Coach Muller, with the summary.

The  Admirals struck first with a great shot from Ryan Ellis 2:23 into the first. The Ads put a shot on net from close, then the puck was redirected to the point. Ellis corraled the puck and fired a shot from just above the near circle that beat a screened Richard Bachman.

The Stars answered back on the Power Play at the 16:54 mark. It was an odd goal but a goal none the less. Raymond Sawada was attacking the zone with a defender right on him. Sawada made an attempt at a shot and fanned on it, but recovered and got another attempt that succeded in beating Jeremy Smith. The play looked odd but it was great concentration by Sawada to finish the play and tie the game.

Coach Muller talks about the talented Texas power play.

Right before the first period came to an end Mark Van Guilder had an absolutly fantastic goal. For reference and validity I will not exagerate or embelish… MVG entered the zone and was confronted by Stars’ D-man Phillip Larsen. MVG absolutly and completly undressed Larsen with a deke leaving his jock strap on the ice. MVG then skated in on Bachman (who was in awe of what he just saw) and put the puck past the goalie to give the Ads a 2-1 lead. After the goal, MVG reached into the net grabbed the puck and skated up to Larsen and bit the puck in half. He was then heard saying something like “’cause thats what men do”. MVG then skated off the ice, casually chewing on the other half of the puck. Okay, okay, I made some of that up. He didn’t eat the other half…he was saving it for dinner.

The second period also had 3 goals in it with the first going to the Stars’ Matt Fraser. Fraser got in past the defense and was able to go 5 hole off of a Ray Sawada rebound.

I am sure it’s a goal that Smitty would like to have back, and I can assure you that isn’t the only one. Just under two minutes later with Michael Latta in the sin bin serving two minutes for a holding call, Travis Morin was the receipient of a goal that just trickled in. The shot was initally slowed down by Smith, but it got past him. Smith spun around to find the puck slowly sliding towards the back of the net, giving the Stars their first lead of the game.

The Admirals would knot up the game at the 7:02 mark off of a great redirect by Zack Stortini. Victor Bartley got the puck at the point and fired a shot on net. I initially thought that Bartley got the score but upon further review Stortini got his stick on it and redirected it. This was another great job of the Milwaukee Admirals getting traffic in front and getting results.

Coach Muller liked seeing secondary scoring from guys like Stortini and Van Guilder.

The stalemate was finally broken late in the 3rd when Tomas Vincour scored for the Stars on yet another goal I bet Smith wishes he could have again. Ryan Garbutt chased down the puck into the corner threw a centering pass to Vincour who was all alone between the circles. He fired a shot on net that just flat out beat Smith who looked to be in good position.

The Stars would go on to seal the deal with an empty net goal giving them the 5-3 victory.


Here’s what Coach Muller says they’ll need to work on this week to start November better than the way they ended October.

Questions:   Just an off day for Smitty? How did you see the goals? Soft or not his fault?  Did they look tired by the end of the weekend?  10 goals against in two days….Oucheroo!  Better game from Ellis tonight in general?  Did you like the line combos they did without Thanger in the lineup?  What kind of candy did you get this year?  Ryan got an intro?  What was that?????

9 thoughts on “Same Score, Different Day; Ads Drop Second Straight”

  1. The young defensive line is starting to get exposed a bit and what is more disturbing, the forwards are getting out muscled on the puck.

    The MO now is to play the forwards tight.

    Fordo as the captain HAS to get a litlle more nasty in his own end. Thought I saw a little bit of that in the first and then it fizzled as the game went on. Just because you wear a letter Scott, doesn’t mean you have to change your game.

    It’s why they elected you the ‘C’ in the first place.

  2. I think MVG summed it up well in the post game interview…. he said the team was getting away from the basics and acting like they were a run-and-gun offensive team when they aren’t. We’re a defensive-styled team that is able to jump and act on turnovers we cause. I think a combination of the first 3-in-3 along with the lack of experience in our young team came and bit us the last two games. I’m sure they’ll get it straightened out.

  3. Team seemed a little more with it tonite, and shoulda got to OT for a point, but pk let us down and smitty was a little off tonite. If herbers is in charge of special teams responsiblities he need to get it corrected we are not executing on pk and pp and its costing us on the scoreboard.

  4. Agreed on the intro. The music even gets drowned out by Aaron Simms’ call of goals… how I miss the days of the Foo Fighters “Pretender” intro.

  5. For the second game in a row, there were more perfectly orchestrated passes to the tape of the opponents than to themselves. Can’t win a game if you continue to give the puck away.

    Intro? There’s nothing like reinforcing the already known- The league is 76 years old (Seems like just last year it was 75). The road to Nashville goes through Milwaukee (Where have I heard that before?). Boring!!

    Ellis…. The curse of number 6 perhaps. About the time you’d wish Cody Franson had gotten lost on his way to the rink, he’d score a goal. Seems to be a common theme.

  6. Hopefully this intro is only temporary, sure isn’t exciting to me. Can barely hear any music at all…..

  7. I like the idea of the Panger intro. Pang certainly doesn’t give an energy filled performance however. The editing on the highlight video that follows is better than in past years but the music does leave much to be desired.

    These losses will be good I think, better to go through your growing pains early.

  8. I seem to be in the minority here, but on opening night when they pumped the volume more, the intro was awesome. The bass beat reverberated to the point where you could feel it.

    When they turn down the volume, the beat does get lost in the calls. I’d like to hear it without Aaron on top of it myself just to see what it would be like.

    Panger does a nice job, I like that part. Nice to see that the Admirals are actually affiliated with Nashville, as it seems that it has all but been forgotten by taking off the patches on the breezers and no highlights or mini commercials with former Ads players in Smashville anymore on that new scoreboard.

    They have a good sound system in the BC, don’t be afraid to crank the sucker up!

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