Ads Remain Undefeated, Top Wolves In Shootout

The Admirals continued their hot start –their best since the 04-05 season — as they moved their record to 3-0 after a 3-2 shootout win over the Chicago Wolves Saturday night in Rosemont.

Michael Latta, Ryan Thang, Kyle Wilson, and Juuso Puustinen all scored in the shootout, while Jeremy Smith made two saves on the four shots he faced.

Here’s Coach Muller on his shootout lineup.

The Admirals got the first goal for the second straight night.  Jani Lajunen deserves some credit for a good forecheck in the Wolf D-zone that stalled the Chicago breakout.  Once the Wolves were able to gain control of the puck again, their clearing pass was intercepted by Victor Bartley just inside the blue line.  He had a quick pass to Kyle Wilson in the high slot, and he skated down Broadway, and beat Chicago goalie Eddie Lack.

About 5 minutes later, the Wolves answered back with a fluky goal.  A dump into the offensive zone bounced off the end boards back in front of the goal line.  Smitty was caught behind the net, and a sliding Ryan Ellis couldn’t stop Matt Clackson’s shot in close.

Two minutes later, Chris Mueller put the Ads back on top, and Chicago D-man Yann Sauve should get the primary assist.  In his own defenseive zone, Sauve made the perfect pass to Mueller on the tape, and his shot from the far side beat Lack high.  Again, the Admirals cashed in on what Coach Muller describes as kind of a high IQ forecheck.

In the second period, there was a lot penalty action for both teams, with some questionable calls going both ways.  But neither team’s power play unit could convert.

The Wolves did tie the score on a play that featured a lot of Admirals just waving their sticks at puck carriers.  Victor Oreskovich fired a shot from the point that went off of Ryan Ellis, and changed direction enough to beat Smitty high.  The deflection came from above the faceoff circles, and one could argue that it’s a shot Smitty needs to stop.

The Wolves had a goal waived off late in the period, as Francis Charron ruled that the puck went in off of a high stick before it dribbled past the goalline.

Chicago carried most of the play in the 3rd period, but the Admirals got somewhat of a second wind with a power play chance in the 2nd half of the period.  The teams ended the game tied in shots.

And yes — the Admirals string of road games with at least a point is now at 18 games.  Pretty slick.


Champagne – Mueller – Thang
Wilson – Lajunen – Puustinen
Cahill – Van Guilder – Flynn
Stortini – Latta – Beck

Ellis – Sloan
Ford – Bartley
Aronson – Valentine

– Sloan left the game after being hit — a “clean hit” Coach said after the game.  They’ll have a better idea of the damage tomorrow.

– This was Taylor Aronson’s pro debut, and with Sloan out, he was playing some pretty meaningful minutes late in the game.  And Coach gives him high marks on his first game.

– Lajunen continues to be a monster on the forecheck.  One thing that we’ve seen with the Admirals in the first three games is that there are times when they make things very difficult for the opponents to get the puck out of their defensive zone.  And it’ll be even better when we get Gabriel Bourque back in the lineup.

– Power play was not as sharp tonight.  Passes not clicking as easily as they seemed to yesterday.  And Eddie Lack was pretty solid for the game, when he wasn’t hung out to dry.

– Taylor Beck has played on a different line in all three games.  He has been underwhelming thus far.  Doesn’t look like a guy that scored 95 points last season.  For some perspective, Mark Santorelli scored 101 his last season in juniors.  Beck is here to develop into a power forward, and we’re not seeing a lot of power yet.  But coach says that this line hopping isn’t due to his play.

– The Wolves and Rivermen remain winless in the division.

Questions for discussion — If Sloan misses some time, who do you bump up to play with Ellis?  How has Beck met your expectations thus far?  Do you think Aronson and Valentine held their own as the 3rd defensive pair?  Do you wish we didn’t have to wait until the end of next week for the next game?  When you travel, do you like Rosemont or Rockford better?

10 thoughts on “Ads Remain Undefeated, Top Wolves In Shootout”

  1. Stortini #21 – He was on the ice .
    I really like Michael Latta game , when he doesn’t have the puck he is in great pursuit of it .

  2. Game highlights:

    Great win for the #peskyads on the road. So far from what I’ve seen, this team forechecks better than any team I’ve seen in my time here, maybe it’s because Chicago is so sloppy out of their defensive zone (and they are) but it seems like all weekend, the Admirals were clogging up lanes, and forcing huge turnovers and great scoring chances.

    Granted it’s only a week or so into the season, and it’s a bit stalkerish…but this team just seems like they are having tons of fun playing together. Based on the numerous twitter accounts of players, and just watching them on the ice, it seems like we’ve got a great core. I think some of that starts off with coach too. For the last few years, we’ve had coaches that we super intense (Lane and Claude) but Kirk seems a little more laid back. He certainliy gets fired up, but its totally different to hear post-game interviews where Kirk is almost laughing during every answer he gives…this could be a fun year.

    Nice to see us and Rockford on top of the division (it’s a little early though lol) but it’s REALLY nice to see Peoria and Chicago winless, not sure anyone expected that. Great to take 4 points from Chicago this weekend.

  3. The ice wasn’t great last night. Pucks were hopping over sticks all night long. With the game on the line, the Admirals were still trying to make the pretty passing play instead of just getting the puck on net and crashing for rebounds.

    Anybody notice that the only Admiral not to score in the shootout was a defenseman? Four forwards scored, the non-forward didn’t. The stats I brought up last season do not lie. D-men rarely excel at the breakaway drill.

    Overall, I’m loving what I see from our team. Add Bourque and Josi, and things should get even better.

  4. Should be an exciting team to watch, if they keep up the pace they’ve shown in the first three games. Like the heavy/hard forecheck. The one thing I fear with this team is callups. I wonder if losing someone like Mueller will throw off the chemistry of the lines.

    Regarding the home game, “FM 102/1 Shake Your Thang Cam” seriously? That sounds more like a KISS FM promo then a 102/1 promo. That should be renamed. :)

  5. Creed…I’m just happy the radio station is actually actively involved! It was a little sad watching all those morning show folks for other stations on the video board last year.

    Would it be better if there were some sweet dance moves by Ryan Thang mixed in with the crowd shots?

  6. Loving this team. Their work ethic seems strong yet they seem to stay loose at the same time. I, too, worry about call-ups effecting our chemistry.
    Any word on when Bourque will be back?
    Thrilled with the outcome but I was surprised Mueller wasn’t one of the first shooters in the shoot-out. Again, happy with the win, but surprised all the same.

  7. @Ryan – ya, I was wondering when we’d start seeing the station involved more… very cool to see indeed. Are we going to have new folks telling us that 3rd period hockey is about to start this year? Perhaps more from 102/1?

    And yes, if they add some live-action dancing shots of Ryan Thang to mix in there, that’d be awesome :D

    I tuned in to another not-to-be-named morning show before the season started for an interview with Scott Ford. The interview was almost embarrassing because the not-to-be-named hosts know nothing of hockey at all, other than guys fight and Milwaukee has a team.

  8. Last night’s game was not terribly pretty. The ice was horrible- as Todd said, the puck was hopping around like crazy. Because of it, there should have been a shift to simply getting the puck on net rather than trying to tic-tac as they did. All in all no one had a stellar game, not least of all Smitty. Even after the first goal from a carom off the boards, he still had a case of the wanders.

    Nice to see Latta drop his gloves- he did well for himself. It didn’t take long for Roussel to wave the white flag. And by the way, no concussions from the fight.

    Hmmm, Rosemont or Rockford. Definitely Rockford. The facility is nicer, the people are friendlier, parking is less expensive, the drive is (potentially) less hectic, but the granddaddy of ’em all- Rockford doesn’t fill the arena with smoke and explosions before the game. If you’ve never been to a Wolves game, they have a fire and firecracker extravaganza before the game which leaves the arena filled with smoke.

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