Mueller Gets Four Point Night, Ads Defeat Wolves 4-2

Special teams were indeed special on Friday night, and behind three Mountain Fury power play goals, the Admirals were victorious in their home opener.  The Ads outran the Chicago Wolves 4-2.

In the first period, the Admirals put 15 shots on net, and scored two power play goals.  Juuso Puustinen scored his second of the year off of a great pass from Chris Mueller.  And then Ryan Thang capitalized on a Kyle Wilson shot that beat Chicago goaltender Eddie Lack, but didn’t quite make it past the goal line.  Thanger spotted it and finished the job.

The new Captain of the Wolves, Darren Haydar scored a power play goal for the Wolves in the 2nd period.  He had the puck on the goal line on the far side and tried to thread a pass to to the low slot.  The pass was blocked and kicked right back to him, and he put a quick shot on Smitty from a tough angle.  There was some daylight there on the short side as Smitty was trying to get back to the pipe after playing the pass.

So the Admirals started the 3rd period nursing a 2-1 lead, the same way they did on opening night in Peoria.  And in a similar fashion, they scored a goal in the first five minutes.  With Michael Davies serving a tripping penalty for the Wolves, Chris Mueller scored his first of the year.  We’ll let him explain how it happened.

Jordan Schroeder got another power play goal for the Wolves about seven and a half minutes later, and it was one that Smitty would like to have back.  Skating in along the right wing boards he put what seemed to be a harmless shot on net.  That one was a softie.

Taylor Beck scored the empty netter — a shot from center ice that came seconds after another Beck shot from the slot was blocked by a Wolves defender.



Thang – Mueller – Beck
Wilson – Lajunen – Puustinen
Champagne – MVG – Flynn
Cahill – Latta – Stortini

– Mueller had a four point night, with a goal and three assists. Kyle Wilson had 2 helpers as did Ryan Ellis.  Ryan Thang had a goal and an assist.

– With the offense that first line is providing, Coach Muller has reason to be pleased.  But here’s why he is REALLY pleased with that first line.

– How about that Admiral power play?  Looked like they had purpose out there.  That first power play unit had Thang, Wilson, and Mueller down low, and Ellis and Puustinen at the point.  Do you like Puustinen on the point like we used to see Cal O’Reilly do it?  Here is Coach’s thoughts about Juuso on the point.

– There were a couple of big hits from Valentine that sent him to the box.  One an open ice collision that drew a hit-to-the-head penalty.  And then a boarding penalty in the 3rd period that the Wolves eventually scored on.  Was your first reaction A) nice hits or 2) What would Shanahan say about them if this was his jurisdiction?

– This is fun — the Admirals have yet to yield an even strength goal in their two games.

– Bourque is day to day and will probably be back after tomorrow’s game.  Josi is day to day, but he’s starting to work out, so that’s a good sign.  They’re being cautious with both of them.

– Here’s Coach talking about the move to send Chet Pickard down to Cincy.


Did you like the pre-game tribute and the post-game salute?  What’s the best adjective to describe the fancy schmancy new Admiral power play?  Do you like seeing Puustinen on the point like that?  Was it weird seeing the Wolves without guys like Squirrel-Face, Spencer Machacek, and Riley Holzapfel?  Thoughts on the Valentine hits?  Which of the new guys impressed you tonight?  Which guys didn’t?

10 thoughts on “Mueller Gets Four Point Night, Ads Defeat Wolves 4-2”

  1. Thought both Valentine hits were o.k.. Maybe the first was a little high. Power Play looks sweet. Not sure on our D-Guys. Wow is that how Sortini was skating in the NHL. Smith almost put in there second goal… I don’t like that ref

  2. One thing I forgot to put in the story was that I thought Scott Ford had a pretty strong game. Blocking shots, drawing penalties, and I thought he moved the puck pretty well. And he didn’t put the puck over the glass, so for a captain, that’s a good start, right?

  3. Valentine’s first hit looked high, but it could have been to the sternum (legal). The second one was a bad call, IMO. The Chicago guy had a shoulder 90 degrees to the boards in the corner. He did get spun 90 degrees and then hit his head on the boards. Considering his starting position, I don’t see that as a penalty. If the ref only saw the end, I could see how he felt differently.

    Chicago was lucky that Milwaukee didn’t score 4 in the first period. Their d-men looked like ECHL players. The Milwaukee forwards were too fast for them! The pre-game was nice. Ellis played smart and Foss looked good, much better than in the playoffs. Storts was fast and laid a lot of hits on the Wolves. Sloan wasn’t as slow as I expected. He bumped Haydar in the second period. Haydar whirled around and hit him with his stick behind the knee. Sloan was talking to Darren like he was ready to fight him. Why does Haydar play dirty against Milwaukee? The ref was okay.

  4. Team looked great! Puustinen looked very strong out there, along with pretty much everyone else. Stortini impressed me also, didn’t look slow at all, and was hitting decently. Should be a good season!

  5. I would have liked to seen a few more highlights in the tributes to the people we lost. There were much more than 2 highlights for the players, so I wish there would have been a little more.

    I don’t know if the mentality changed, but in years past we were the best puck passing team on power plays, always hesitant to shoot. In the first game, they scored goals in the first minute of the power plays. That’s what frustrated me for years, they were always looking for the perfect shot. Maybe its the new players, maybe they are hungrier for Nashville, but scoring on 3 power plays in a night? Unheard of under Coach Lambert.

    I did feel a little lost, after 4 seasons of seeing players you were familiar with, there are not too many players left from last year, so this new roster will take some getting used to.

  6. Ryan, the Chicago shot blocker against Beck for the empty net bid was Dustin Friesen. I sit in 206 and had a good view of what was probably the best save of the game; especially by a D-man.

    Go first place Admirals! Beat the Wolves again.

  7. I have heard it will be awhile before Roman Josi (concussion) returns to the ice. He had a set back while working out .

  8. Ryan Miller – Watch yourself here . I did not call anyone a liar . I posted Josi had a set back that was it. Don’t accuse me of something you are not able to back up . Watch yourself RM .

  9. anonymous i love how you have to hide your name instead of saying it like everyone else. so you watch what you say not him

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