Caption Contest Results

So there were two caption contests out there, and it’s time to announce who the winners are.

I delegated the task of selecting the winners to Eric Kent.  You may remember him from such public service videos as “Designated Drivers – The Life-Saving Nerds” and “Phony Tornado Alarms Reduce Readiness”.  You may also remember him as the guy who used to write at the Short Shifts blog with me.

So here are the winners!

From Frontrowjon:

Bourque is leading the crowd in the “Haaaaaaaaaackett Haaaaaaaackett Haaaaaaaaaaackett YOU SUCK!!” Chant.

Eric’s comments:  “The imagery created by this hypothetical goal celebration is gold, baby. Gold. Forget jumping into the boards or sliding on one knee. Tauntung a goalie in three-part harmony after scoring a goal is the sort of bush-league showmanship that should be the bedrock of all sports comeptitions….but sadly isn’t.”

So Jon, you’ll get some cookies coming your way in October.  Mazel tov!

And then the Kelsey Wilson one with the manufactured outrage on my part…

From BrianTheAdsFan:

“Captain Ahab” Wilson harpoons Ortmeyer to keep him from scoring.

Eric’s comments:  ” I give mad props to the literary reference. The Ads Facebook page may have MORE fans, but how many of them have even READ Treasure Island, let alone use it in a caption contest??!! Well done!”

I did explain to Eric that Ahab wasn’t from Treasure Island.  And then he tried to argue that I should call him Ishmael… And then I hung up the phone on him.

So nice job Brian!  As a side note, I also enjoyed your Facebook mockery.  You’ll get media room cookies at a game early in the season.

Oh yeah…that season…. We should be getting a schedule pretty soon.  Hopefully by the end of next week.

4 thoughts on “Caption Contest Results”

  1. i like how it says keep Ortmeyer from scoring when thats his own goal. look at the goalie pads haha

  2. Ortmeyer has a hard enough time scoring that I firmly believe he WAS trying to score in his own goal. And Wilson was so intent on not giving him that satisfaction that he was willing to sacrifice a 1 goal lead for his team.

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