Shea Weber: 7.5 Million Dollar Man

(Photo Credit:  Scott Paulus)

That’s a lot of beard conditioner.

The Preds blogs have the coverage pretty well…um….covered, so I don’t really have anything all that new to add to the mix.

But after reading the highlights from the media conference call, the two sides went back to the optimistic tone that had preceded the hearing.  It’s not that I don’t believe them….but hell, what else are they going to say?  Poile is optimistic that they’ll be able to lock Shea up with a long term deal.  Shea loves playing in Nashville.  It’s just a business, it’s not personal.  Committed to winning.

I would have been surprised if that conference call had gone anywhere other than that line of comments.

But at the end of the day, he’s a Predator.  He’s the fifth highest paid defenseman this year in the league, a hair behind Pronger, and a few hairs above the Brian Campbell Albatross (that sounds like a good band name, incidentally….maybe they can open up for Brian Jonestown Massacre….or for Chili Sabotage).  He also has the highest cap hit among defenseman for this year, and is tied for the 7th largest cap hit in the league.

And they can start working on that extension right now.   Get to work.

2 thoughts on “Shea Weber: 7.5 Million Dollar Man”

  1. Kind of brings a tear to my eye that someone who wore such an ugly (sweet) sweater as this and was imortalized in it as a bobblehead gets a 7.5 mil contract.

    Good for you Shea. Ya hit the big time…BIG!

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