7 thoughts on “Reading Comprehension”

  1. I think we see Smith as the starter. Engren and Pickard fight it out for the second spot. We may see Lindback get a few “conditioning starts” in Milwaukee this year.

  2. One of the goaltenders gets traded in a package deal for a top 6 forward for Nashville.

  3. I think Atte Engren gets another year in Europe to condition. Pickard steps it up and gets a shot at sharing time.
    Pickard is a good player and has tons of skill. Just needs to get his head around it again.
    Remember that Dex spent sometime time down on assignment and it helped him.
    Chet will get there,

  4. Is Magnus Hellberg out of the question? I wouldn’t mind seeing his 6’5″ frame in net!

  5. I was under the impression that Hellberg was going to play overseas.

    The scenario I like best has the Predators signing a cheap free agent backup, and having Lindback and Smitty split time in Milwaukee. Because what if the Preds are not able to re-sign Pekka? Terrible thought. But strange things happen. It would probably be better for Lindback’s development to play a little more often. Unless Pekka gets hurt, I can’t see Lindback playing that regularly.

    Plus, I jumped off the Chet Pickard bandwagon awhile ago. How many more chances does he deserve? .877 save percentage last year in the ECHL? His numbers haven’t exactly merited a promotion. That’s great that he’s working hard, but if he’s still letting in softies, I don’t want him around here

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