Please Welcome Kirk Muller To Milwaukee

The Admirals have their new head coach.

Former player Kirk Muller will lead the Admirals bench this season, replacing the promoted Lane Lambert.

The status of assistant coach Ian Herbers is still in question, although he still has another year on his contract.

Muller was the 2nd overall pick of the 1984 draft, and his playing career took him from New Jersey, to Montreal, to Long Island, to Toronto, to Miami, and then to Dallas.  He retired at the end of the 02-03 season, but was then hired to be an assistant coach with Montreal for the 06-07 season, and he has been there since.

This will be his first pro head coaching gig, so there’s still some question about what kind of a ship he will run.  He has the experience of playing under 20 different head coaches, going back to his junior teams….and some names that he could have learned a thing or two from along the way….  Demers, Martin, Burns, Murray, Hitchcock, and others.

From the accounts of people that have worked with him previously, he sounds like a great guy for the job.  From a media standpoint, I can’t wait to work with him.  And from a fan standpoint, I can’t wait to see what he can do with the youngsters in the organization.

We’ll add some quotes from the conference call later this afternoon…..

3 thoughts on “Please Welcome Kirk Muller To Milwaukee”

  1. Exciting. Hopefully he can come in and produce just like Lane! Looking forward to next season…

    Also with the Wolves/Canucks affiliation, our rivalry should be even more interesting. The Canucks have a pretty good stockpile of up-and-commers. Add in vets like Darren Haydar, the Wolves should be a good team this year.

  2. This is great news as it is now official. Had no idea Muller was available. He obliterates any of the previously listed candidates.

    That and Palin has decided to sign on with a Czech Republic team for the upcoming season.

    This is one of my favorite Mondays EVER!

  3. Kirk will do a fabulous job in Milwaukee! The Admirals will murder the sixth place Wolves this season. The people on Wolfkeeper’s site don’t think much of the Vancouver prospects. Haydar will be even slower on the ice behind that walker. Him hit once or twice and he will be breaking his stick over some Admirals back. He totally lost his cool last season, with 60 pims in 77 games. Jason Krog had 22 pims in 80 games, Mark Matheson had 12 in 70 games for comparison.

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