Non-Coach Related News Today

We’ll have more on the new Coach a little later this evening…but there’s some other news in the organization to pass along.

– Aaron Sims is reporting that defenseman Brett Palin will be playing in the Czech Republic next season.  I know public opinion varied on him this past season, but I for one am disappointed that he won’t be back with us.  Best of luck overseas, Brett!

– Mark Santorelli is a restricted free agent, and Josh Cooper from the Tennessean tweeted that Santo was not extended a qualifying offer by the Predators.  Best of luck to Mark wherever he may land.  And we’ll make sure to pass along the nickname history wherever he goes…

Dan Gendur also didn’t get the qualifying offer.  Dan who?  Exactly.

– Matt Halischuk, Chris Mueller, Linus Klasen, and Andreas Thuresson all received qualifying offers.  A bit surprised by the latter two there… I’d be interested to know what David Poile’s expectations are…

– Also surprising is the development that Steve Sullivan is not going to be offered a contract from the Predators.

– The Phoenix Coyotes won’t be affiliated with the San Antonio Rampage next year, as they have signed a multi-year year deal with the Portland Pirates (as in Portland, Maine….not Oregon….which can’t be great for emergency player movement…).  The Rampage are rumored to be going with Florida, but they haven’t made an announcement yet.  Rumor also has it that Anaheim may be shopping for a new affiliate too, so that may complicate things a bit.

One thought on “Non-Coach Related News Today”

  1. Sullivan is old and has a back back. Why sign another “Teddy Higera” type player to big money? Play a younger and cheaper guy (or guys) in Sullivan’s place.

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