Viewing Parties

As we get ready for Game 2 tonight, I thought it would be a good time to remind everyone about the viewing parties for the away games of this series.

If you are not able to make the trek down to Austin for logistical, moral, or legal reasons (ahem…Sutty….he tried messing with Texas….bad idea), you can still gather with fellow Admirals faithful and watch the games on TV.

Game 3 will be on the big screens at MAJOR GOOLSBY’S on Tuesday.

Game 4 will be on the big screens at BUCK BRADLEY’S on Wednesday.

And if game 5 is needed, it will be back at MAJOR GOOLSBY’S on Friday.

The viewing parties for the away games are free to attend, and there are usually some raffles and merch giveaways to keep you entertained during the intermission.  Although, I’d like to see them try to do the human hockey puck down the straight-away at Buck Bradley’s.  That could be pretty sweet.

Viewing parties for games 6 and 7 would be, well, at the Bradley Center.

5 thoughts on “Viewing Parties”

  1. Nothing against BBs or Goolsbys – I understand the need to support downtown establishments and sponsors – but it would be awesome to get the viewing parties out of the normal downtown scene. Who knows – might attract some new fans and/or get folks who normally don’t / can’t make it because of the location.

  2. A few years ago they had a viewing party at Mo’s Irish Pub in Tosa. It sucked because Mo’s was packed with non-hockey fans and it was hard to get a table and hard to hear the game.

  3. The viewing parties are a great idea, so don’t want to sound like I’m picking on all the work and effort that goes into them. I appreciate it whether or not I’m able to attend.

    Mo’s, I can see being not the best suited. There are a lot of smaller places with great tv, seating and parking that might be more suited. Heck, turn it to a private party in the joint – I’d be willing to pony up $5 a head for more convenience and would rather pay for that than parking.

    I came to the viewings a couple of years ago (I thought it was the first year) and didn’t like it at BBs – they’re good for pre and post game drinks and snacks – but felt uncomfortable watching the game with obstacles between me and the TV. Goolsby’s setup is better, but man, I can’t do their food (sorry) and I gotta rush around too much to get there in time for a seat that isn’t in the back 40.

    Again, I appreciate all the effort that goes into setting these things up and getting fans in the place. I know everyone’s got an opinion :) .

    If I’m going to try and make it, what time do I have to get there for a decent couple of seats where I can have some dinner too?

  4. @Yablonski33, CenterCourt used to have better food, they totally scaled down their menu and took some really good items off the menu.

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