Reader Paper Plate Award Winners

Here are the winners of the media room cookies — I assume that all three of you will be at the BC for Game 2?

11 Mark Santorelli – (submitted by Adsfan) The Alain Lemieux Wrong Brother Award.  Named after former the Admiral and older brother of Mario.  Alain played 30 regular season games for Milwaukee in the 90-91 season, and had 8 goals.  Mark Santorelli had 8 regular season goals this year too!  What a coincidence!

In all seriousness….joking aside…I’ll be the first to say that Mark has been an frequent target for us over the last few years, and thankfully, he hasn’t beaten us up in the hallway, despite having every right to.  I can also say this — Mark got some good minutes and Game 1, and I think he looked like he belonged out there.  Here’s hoping he will be a major contributor to this Calder Cup playoff run.

17 Kelsey Wilson – Pump Up The Jam Award. (Submitted by Ouch) We even had a pretty good discussion about it on the Roundtable earlier this season too… is it okay to ham it up like Kelsey likes to do after a fight?  I think the consensus was 1) if you’re at home, and 2) if you don’t get your butt handed to you.

86 – Linus Klasen – The Simon Gamache Clone Award (submitted by frontrowjon).  I thought his explanation summed Klasen’s season up nicely in one objective sentence.  “He could score from almost anywhere at anytime, but after teams targeted him, he got hurt too much.”

OUCH, I know where you sit.  Expect a delivery.

Adsfan & frontrowjon (although…I’ve got an idea where you sit) please shoot me an email at admiralsroundtable at g mail dot com and let me know your section and row.  I’ll try to get your prizes delivered to you before opening face-off on Saturday.

Thanks to everyone for contributing to the Annual Paper Plate Awards.  Great submissions all around!

3 thoughts on “Reader Paper Plate Award Winners”

  1. Sorry, unrelated to topic, but did anyone get official word from the Admirals on what they’re going to do for season ticket prices next year with the decrease in games? Someone told me at the game on Thursday Greeny said that we’ll be offered ticket vouchers instead of actual refunds or adjustments to our invoices. Can anyone confirm?

  2. Thank you, Ryan.

    The replies everyone came up with were all a hoot. The Roundtable has been a fun and interesting aspect of the game of hockey here in Brewtown, and agreeing with what’s written or not, it’s always provided a different perspective thanks to the blog writers as well as the respondents.

  3. Ryan,

    Thanks! After two years of being a runner-up (including Admirals Short Shifts), I finally won the famous cookies. This is my lucky month. I won a Summerfest prize last week and now the cookies. I will try and find my T-shirt from the above mentioned website for the game. Congrats to Ouch and frontrowjon and to the other Roundtable participants! Go Admirals and dance the two step on Texas!

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