Dex Blinks, Admirals Lose In Overtime

Another game against the Aeros, and another one-goal game.  The Aeros came away with the W this time, a 3-2 win in overtime over the Admirals.

(Here is a link to the highlights from AHLLIVE)

Aaron Johnson coughed up the puck in the defensive zone, and the Admirals couldn’t control it in front of their net.  But former Badger Robbie Earl could, and he scored 1:25 into overtime, beating Mark Dekanich to pull the Aeros even with the Admirals in the points column of the standings.

But that goal wasn’t the most remarkable goal of the game.

15 seconds after Gabriel Bourque scored his second power play goal of the game to give the Admirals a one-goal lead in the 3rd period, Dex let it in a softy.  From 100 feet away.

Patrick O’Sullivan put the puck on net from the center ice dot, and it flew by Dex’s right elbow.  He never saw it.  And you just hope that he’s going to be strong enough mentally to wipe it from his psyche as soon as possible.

Dex had a weird moment earlier in the game too, channelling his inner Jan Lasak and skating away from the crease to play the puck.  Scott Ford bailed him out, preventing a Brandon Buck shot from going into the vacated net.

Outside of the those two plays, Dex was pretty good overall.  Matt Hackett was even better, especially in the 2nd period when the Admirals put 14 shots on net.

The Admirals were 2-for-3 on the power play, with the two aforementioned scores from Bourque.  Both of them came after strong plays to the net by Chris Mueller.  Bourque followed up a Mueller shot for his first goal, and cashed in on a great pass from Mueller for his second.

Peoria beat Oklahoma City in a shootout, so your West Division standings look like this…

1. Milwaukee 84 (66 games)
2. Houston 84 (70)
3.  Peoria 81 (69)
4.  Texas 80 (68)
5.  Chicago 79 (69)
6.  San Antonio 76 (65)
7. Oklahoma City 76 (67)
8.  Rockford 63 (66)

Short memory time.  The good guys are back in action Wednesday night in San Antonio.

9 thoughts on “Dex Blinks, Admirals Lose In Overtime”

  1. One hundred foot goals rarely happen. It won’t happen again this season or in the post-season. I still expect the Admirals to win the division.

  2. I HATE to say that I called this…but I will refer to my previous post: (Knowing the AHL, Houston will win tonight in a shootout or in overtime, making this a three point game and leaving the two squads tied). If you don’t believe me click on the link:
    So all Admirals fans and coach Lane Lambert can officially blame me for the result.
    However, in all seriousness, I sort of had that feeling going into the game. Tonight’s affair meant a lot more for Houston than Milwaukee and the Admirals might have been looking past the Aeros to their pair of games with San Antonio. I say bank the point, forget about the game and buckle down for the Rampage.
    As for me, I will refrain from silly game predictions for at least a week. If you saw my NCAA tournament pool (both hockey and basketball) from last year, you would believe me when I say nothing I ever predict comes true. I didn’t get a single Frozen Four team right last year and there are only 16 teams!

  3. PS. Gabriel Bourque is playing awesome as of late. His development track has been impressive to watch.

  4. Is there video of the 100 ft. goal so we can see what happened there? The website for the Aeros seems not to have any video on it at all.

  5. I agree with Jason about Bourque. He is really starting to gel with Mueller. If we can get Halischuk back soon, or at least for the playoffs, that line could be unstoppable.

  6. Reminds me of our unstoppable “hobbit” line the year we won the cup :)

    And with the Preds losing again yesterday, we may indeed see Halischuk back for the start of the playoffs!

  7. The Preds are one point out of the 8th slot with 2 games in hand. Don’t bank on anyone coming back anytime soon.

  8. Agreed, the Preds are not by any means out of the playoffs and we shouldn’t expect them to lose, but aside from being one point out of the 8th spot, Anaheim is 2 points out of the 8th spot with a game in hand on Nashville so… it’s tight. Should be an exciting end of the regular season for the Western Conference, just like it is in the AHL!

  9. Thanks for the AHL Highlights link. What is clear – aside from the fact that the announcer for the Aeros is terribly annoying – is that Dex never saw the puck in that 100 ft shot. He’ll bounce back just fine. It’s not as if he misplayed the puck. He clearly never saw it until it was bouncing back out of the goal. Stuff happens and that shot looks like a total fluke. Dex is a tough cookie. He’ll be fine.

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