4 thoughts on “Thoughts On Chara”

  1. ok i think that this hit is getting more attention because of the out cry from the Habs coach and management, was it dirty? No! it was hockey, Don Cherry explained it real clear on Hockey Night in Canada last night, “the easy and safiest solution to all of this is instead of having the “turn buckle” straight up and down have it angled”. Also he showed a complication of about 30 hits that were exactly the same nature, Chara has not been suspended Ever over his 13year career, and a guy his size if he were a vindictive player would have been suspended many times. It is not dirty it is just a hockey play.

  2. The first thing I thought of when I first saw that video was how unnecessary that move was. I don’t think it’s more than interference, but there was no need for it, really.

  3. Agree with frontrow. The hit was nothing out of the ordinary. If it occurred 5 feet before where it did, Pacioretti would have possibly gone over the wall, and if it were 5 feet after, he would have been pressed against the glass. Absolutely the fault of engineering the glass around the ice.

    Easy answer- eliminate the first 2 rows of seats all the way round the ice, remove the glass from the wall, and build the glass 4 feet outside of the walled in ice. That way the wall is of consistent height all the way round, and if someone gets hit hard, all they do is flop over the wall. Of course, this puts the audience a bit further out, but if the concern is for the players, then it’s a viable option.

  4. I think he should have received a game or two suspension. The hit itself was mostly a hockey play IMO. However, it was an “illegal” hit in that it was interference. If you perform an illegal play and injure someone in the act, you should be dealt a suspension if it is serious enough.

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