Admirals Rebound With Big Win Over Rivermen

If the team wasn’t motivated by Coach Lambert to play with more energy and passion in this game, the Peoria Rivermen made them do it out of self-defense.

While the Rivermen likely won the hits stat category tonight, the Admirals scored twice in 11 seconds in the second period, en route to a 2-1 victory Sunday evening at the Bradley Center.

A much better game than Friday against the IceHogs.  Here’s Coach Lambert.

Mark Dekanich made 26 saves 31 saves (they added five after the game….gotta love it)  and the one that got by him was a great deflection from the slot by Derek Nesbitt.

Chris Mueller had a goal in the 1st period.  It didn’t count though.  After getting behind the defense, he beat Jake Allen glove side.  And the Oscar goes to….Jake Allen!  For his role in scooping the puck back out from behind the goalline, and keeping the play going.  Fooled the goal judge and the referee.  But replays clearly showed it should have been a goal.

We had Roundtable resident digital sketch artist Johnny B give us this re-enactment of Mueller’s goal.

It gives Coach another chance to plea for video replay.

Mark Van Guilder scored the first Admiral goal that counted.  Kelsey Wilson was skating with the puck around the boards behind the goal line.  But instead of taking it with him behind the net, he fired a quick pass to Van Guilder in front of the net on the near side.

11 seconds later (sure felt like less than `11 seconds), Mike Bartlett used his speed to get behind the defense for a breakaway, and beat Jake Allen glove side.  It was a pretty good move, and may move Bartlett up the charts a bit on the shootouts.

The two goals were the second quickest Admiral goals this season, with the fastest pair coming in at ten seconds against Rockford January 29th….featuring  Geoffrion and Bartlett.

Later in the period, Mark Cundari boarded Linus Klasen into the near boards.  He was assessed a five minute boarding major, a game misconduct, and we won’t be surprised if the league asks him to take a few more games off too.  All of the Rivermen were taking their shots at Klasen over the first half of the game, finishing their checks and making sure he heard footsteps.  Here’s the coach:

Klasen played on the power play that resulted from the hit, but did not come back for another shift after that.  And he won’t be making the road trip.



Wilson – Van Guilder – Thuresson
Bourque – Mueller – Klasen
Flynn – Bartlett – Hunter
McBride – Shields – Thang

Thang moved up to the Mueller line after Klasen’s hit.

The Admirals were not penalized at all in the game.  In the last two games, they’ve just taken one penalty.  17 minutes for Cundari, and a bench minor for too many men on the ice.  Sounds like a typical Jeff Smith game.

Speaking of Jeff Smith – yeah, it’s frustrating to see some of the liberties that our opponent was able to get away with….but it’s a Jeff Smith game.  This is what happens in Jeff Smith games.  He lets them play.  He gets in the way of live play.  He looks bored most of the time.  Anything else would have been surprising.  I’m just happy to see he got the Cundari call correct.

Five of the Rivermen’s previous seven games were against the Wolves.  Maybe some Andre Deveaux rubbed off on them in preparation for this game?  Pretty awful scheduling quirk.

Houston also won, so the Admirals still will hold down the top spot in the division by one point.

Sutty is considering litigation against Roscoe after that cheese race.  Yes, Sutty dressed as Beer Cheese tonight.  But it’s Roscoe’s birthday, so I don’t think his argument will hold up in court.

Questions For Discussion:

Did you feel like our guys were getting beaten up?  Do you think the team did a good job using its speed to neutralize the physicality?  Are you surprised there wasn’t a fight?

Do you think the power play is better with or without Klasen?  We haven’t been able to give out our Mountain Fury power play bottles these last two games….

Do they look like a playoff team?  Do you remember the last time they played a full 60 minutes?

And why have goal judges if the referee won’t even talk to them?

11 thoughts on “Admirals Rebound With Big Win Over Rivermen”

  1. I’m pretty sure Jeff Smith did consult with the goal judge. After the no-goal, he pointed at the goal judge and it looked like the goal judge motioned (I’m assuming he said no goal). What’s funny is this is the second goal that was not counted by Jeff Smith against the Rivermen. Take a look at the video from the Peoria/Chicago game the other day:

    (courtesy of Wolfkeeper)

    Today’s instance was a mirror of that, with the exception of how the shot went in (their’s went off the back post, ours went off Allen’s glove IN the net).

    Putting that aside, I actually don’t mind Jeff Smith (at least his style of ref’ing – letting the teams play). I like to see games where the players are allowed to play. The boring ticky-tack calls slow the game down.

    Overall we did get beat in the physical game. But our speed resulted in the second goal which turned the game around. While it’d be nice to see some more physical play out of our team, I think we have to accept the fact that it won’t happen this year. While we have done well without a physical presence, it just keeps reminding me of the year we lost the cup to Hershey in the BC. We were dominated by Hershey’s size and physical game. I fear that’ll come back and haunt us this year at some point in the playoffs. :(

  2. I was happy to see Dex capturing the puck more than he did Friday night. That being said, I’m sticking to my guns on my comment that most times he looks like he’s made of rubber. Today was a good example of how he CAN play. Most pucks were either captured or purposely deflected- not bounced off of him.

    Klasen- please pack his bags for him and send him back to Europe. And slap the scout who caused his failed US tour. The beginning of the season saw a hot streak that looked like he could do no wrong. But his one-dimensionality (is that a word) was found out. His defensive skills are…. nonexistant. He’s become nothing more than a punching bag for the opposition. As for him being on the power play- he can stay home and call in his efforts.

    Today we saw a group of guys who looked like they were willing to put forth the effort to succeed. I think that this team still has not gelled. We saw hints of awesomeness with Mueller/Halischuk before Halischuk got called up. Other than that, it’s been pretty much every man for himself. Yes, there are occasionally actual plays that come together. But by and large, it’s endless dump & chase and hope for the best.

    Speed, hmmm. Defense gets beaten to the puck more often than not. Offense on the dump & chase? Today saw more energy in their skating, but when on the chase, consistency of getting to the puck first was somewhat sketchy. Which leads back to every man for himself hockey.

    All in all, a better than average game today. As long as lucky stars keep shining, we may just pull it off.

  3. Thanks for the link CreedFeed, pretty much exactly the way it went down for the Admirals tonight. Right down to Jeff Smith refusing to go over and explain it to the coach until after the period.

    Admirals were better tonight, not good, but better.

  4. I must have blinked during the non-verbal conversation that Smith had with the goaljudge. But when was the last time you saw a ref skate over to the goal judge to talk about a play?

  5. I said the same thing Lane did in that as long as there are humans involved, there is the chance for human error. I don’t recall a whole lot of people (players or fans) celebrating after the Mueller shot, but of course in a zoomed in, slow motion shot everyone saw the goal. In a play moving that fast, when the puck is covered by a goalies glove, its nearly impossible for the goal judge to see the puck. It doesn’t help that the slowest ref in the league was 40 feet behind the play like usual. But you know what? Forget it, the Admirals won the game. Had we lost, or even given up an overtime point….it’d be something to worry about, but thankfully that didn’t happen.

    Seemed like Peoria was going for the head A LOT. The play by Cundari is just crap. He had gotten the puck away from Klasen, then carelessly dumped him, and it was absolutely the right call to give him the game…..and the league would be right to give him a phone call this week.

    Not sure if we can pin all our Powerplay problems on Klasen. Seems like the whole team can be blamed for a lack of firepower on the PP. Seems like we can very rarely get the puck into the zone and set up shop for a decent shot. That needs to be fixed before the playoffs.

    I didn’t see the conversation with the goal judge either, and have a hard time believing it happened since its now 3:30am and I don’t think Smith has made it into the offensive zone yet.

  6. As long as the Ads can’t convert on a 5 minute PP, the other team may as well board every Ads player with moderate scoring talent.

    And as for the Mueller goal, the goal judge couldn’t see it from his angle, and really, no matter where Jeff Smith was, I am not sure how he could have had an angle to see the puck go in. Like mentioned earlier, after the fact, winning 2-1, that goal doesn’t matter now other than on Mueller’s stat sheet.

    As for whining about the liberties taken by the Rivs, why didn’t the Admirals take the same liberties?

  7. “As for whining about the liberties taken by the Rivs, why didn’t the Admirals take the same liberties?”

    cuz they aren’t a dirty team like Peoria (least penalized team vs most penalized league)

  8. MiB: It shouldnt matter. That kind of mind set will get our team beat up in the playoffs. Just because we are a clean team and they are a “dirty” team doesnt mean we can let them shove us around.

  9. Thanks to CreedFeed for posting that Wolfkeeper’s video. But what I took out of that clip is that the off color green Chicago Wolves jersey are down right hideous. Perhaps that is why the goal was waved off.

    Dear Chicago, the mid 1990s are calling, they want your awful third jerseys back. I realize that they were probably part of a St. Patrick’s day promotion, but wow those were really bad.

    Also is it just me who noticed Adam Burish in a Carolina Hurricanes jersey in the reenactment? I wonder what kind of transaction made that happen?

  10. Taylor hit it right on, the playoffs bring a whole new level and the Ads need to ratchet up the physical game a bit -not play dirty, just more physical. I know they haven’t most all year and sit at the top, just concerned about getting out muscled in the playoffs.

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