Clear Day Roster Time

It’s that time of the year again.

Monday is Clear Day.  The date when the AHL teams need to put together a roster of 22 players, and say that they are the only guys who can play the rest of the season and in the playoffs.

Of course, should emergency conditions arise as a result of a recall or injury or suspension, it would allow guys not on the clear day roster to play.

And then the voodoo-rosternomics begin.

The big surprise last season was that Ryan Maki was left off the clear day roster….yet he played 15 regular season games the rest of the season, and all 7 playoff games against the Wolves (including a HUGE goal to extend the series).

The surprise the previous year was that Oren Eizenman, who had been with the team for 12 days and played in just five games, made the list.  And Mark Santorelli was listed as “in residence”.

Should we expect any surprises this year?  Paul Fenton says no.

“Certainly Lane and I talk every day about what our roster is, and if we’re healthy, we’re in a good position here.  We like the team that we’ve put together, we like the atmosphere and the way that people get along here.  For the most part, you’re going to see all the players that we’ve had here this year with Lane on our clear day list.  You won’t have a surprise, you won’t have Belak on our clear day list or anything.  It’s going to be 99% of the players that we’ve had here unless something drastic happens.”

So we’ll take a stab at who we think is a lock, and who we think is on the bubble to make the clear day list.


G: Dekanich, Smith

D:  Laakso, Blum, Ford, Johnson, Palin, Josi, Lewis

F:  Mueller, Bourque, Kelsey Wilson, Geoffrion, Klasen, Thuresson, Van Guilder, Halischuk, Thang, Flynn, Bartlett

That’s 20 right there.


Santorelli — He was a healthy scratch in Chicago on Friday night, while McBride and Shields played.  And has been scratched on numerous occasions this season.  Has he completely fallen out of favor?

Spaling:  Remember him?  He has played well in Nashville, but he started the season with us.  They could send him down if we’re playing hockey when the Preds are done, but is that enough to put him on the clear day list?

Begin:  A huge question mark around his health.  Is the chance that he’d be okay worth a clear day roster spot, or would it be better to just keep him in residence?

Hunter: Playing well, but he’s the guy that has been shuttled back and forth to Cincy a few times.  Does his what-have-you-done-for-me-lately resume put him on the list?

McBride, Shields, Coulombe:  Can any of them channel their inner-Eizenman?  Or are they better served as being “in residence”?

So Roundtable….. Do you predict any surprises?  Which of the bubble guys do you think have the best chance?  Do I have someone on the lock list that doesn’t belong there?

12 thoughts on “Clear Day Roster Time”

  1. “Begin: A huge question mark around his health. Is the chance that he’d be okay worth a clear day roster spot, or would it be better to just keep him in residence?”

    Wouldn’t it be worth putting him on the CD roster, since if he is hurt, then he can be replaced by someone else regardless? Besides, how many times are players “injured” to play other people anyway

  2. Chris: Great question…I’m not sure what the best practices would be considered. For a guy that’s chronically hurt, he’s not helping on the ice. Is it better to use the clear day spots for people that are more likely to play? In previous years, they stashed injured players as “in residence”, but have also put some on clear day rosters.

    So yeah, that’s a long winded way to say, “I don’t know.”

    Pez: You’re beating me to the punch. I’ve got some quotes from Fenton that I’ll publish this week about some of the guys we can possibly expect to sign ATO contracts after their junior/college seasons end. Their names don’t have to be on the clear day roster.

  3. Begin on. He can be replaced if he’s not healthy.

    I’d love to see Ryan Ellis! 53 games, 21 goals, 70 assists!!

  4. Do all of you want the Predators to keep on winning, or would you rather have them lose so we can get Geoffrion, Blum, etc. back?

    I think Nashville wont have too good of a shot in the playoffs if they make it anyway.


  5. Normally I would say I want the Preds to succeed but as Craig implied in his answer, I don’t they’ll go far if they do make the playoffs. The injury bug has finally caught up to that team. At this point I’d much prefer to see guys sent back to the Admirals for our own playoffs.

  6. Ellis would be an ATO and does not need to be on the clear day roster. Ellis is a d-man as well.

  7. Lane has no use for Santorelli, he has made it clear All year so I say he is off the list. Being scratched for Home Opener and putting call ups ahead of Santorelli has set the tone for his LAST year with Nashville. I guess getting Rid of both Santorelli brothers isn’t a bad idea. I bet Spaling comes down to help the team

  8. The rosters are due today, but they are all subject to review by the league…. so we shouldn’t expect anything official until Tuesday.

    The suspense is killing you, right?

  9. Is Tony Hrkac making a return this year? Maybe they can play him instead of Santorelli.

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