Moose Trample Ads 4-2

After a huge win in Chicago last night, the Admirals were not able to make the most of their chances Saturday night, losing to the Manitoba Moose 4-2 at the Bradley Center.

Here’s the coach:

Entering the third period down a pair of goals, Ryan Flynn got one back 2:59 into the third, re-directing a shot-off-goal from Aaron Johnson.  It took great hand-eye coordination, and goaltender Tyler Weiman didn’t stand a chance.

Mark Van Guilder took an ill-advised Yonking penalty late in the game (of course, all Yonking penalties are ill-advised), and that really stunted any kind of momentum that was up for grabs.

After killing off the penalty, they pulled Mark Dekanich for an extra attacker, and Gabriel Bourque almost tied it….if he could have elevated his shot from the bottom of the faceoff circle, the roof would have blown off the BC.  After that save, the Admirals couldn’t get anything going, and Aaron Volpatti scored an empty netter in the closing seconds to make it a 4-2 final.

The Moose struck first, as Sergei Shirokov deflected a shot from the point by defenseman Keith Seabrook past Mark Dekanich.   Dex didn’t look very comfortable over the first 10 minutes of the game, but seemed to settle down the rest of the period.

The Admirals answered back with a Mountain Fury power play goal from Grant Lewis.  He had a shot from just above the top of the near faceoff circle, and his shot may have been slightly deflected by a sliding Aaron Volpatti.  Deflection or no deflection, it beat Tyler Weiman.

It seemed on that power play, the Admirals were trying their best to make sure plays went through Lewis.  He seemed to be in a Jon Blum kind of role, pinching and retreating and fielding cross-ice passes.  Nice to see it worked on that first power play.

Yann Sauve scored for the Moose 8:34 into the second period on a power play.  His shot from the near circle beat Dex stick side.  Dex may have had one eye on the puck, and one eye on Bill Sweatt, who was in the process of crashing the net, and was sure to gobble up any rebound.

Guillaume Desbiens scored the game winning goal the second a Moose power play ended.  Another deflection goal after a shot from the point by Shirokov.


These linesmen were trash.  And they blatantly missed an icing call in the final minute that would have saved some time and brought a faceoff back to the Moose end of the ice.

Dex was a rebound machine for stretches of this game, but he really shut the door in the third period, making a few spectacular saves, bailing out his defensemen, who were watching forwards go around them.

Belak watch – stop watching.  According to Paul Fenton, Belak is staying in Nashville “in residence”. (We’ll have more thoughts from Fenton later this week)

Injury update – here’s the coach.

Houston and San Antonio lost tonight.  Peoria, Texas and Oklahoma City won.


Was it just a matter of bounces tonight?

Did anyone stand out as having a good game?  Lewis, maybe?  Bourque was pretty good, despite his fail at the end.  Anyone else?

Thoughts on the new guys?  Think any of them have the chance to be on the clear day roster?

Admirals are off until next Friday….in your opinion, do they usually perform better after a long break like that?

11 thoughts on “Moose Trample Ads 4-2”

  1. None of the new guys really stood out at all, with the exception of Couloumbe looking like a high school sized player, and the fact that it was strange to see an Admirals jersey #16 that wasn’t Cal O’Reilly.

    I didn’t have a lot of high expectations for tonight, and I wasn’t disappointed. After the huge stretch of 11 games in 16 days, and all the travel, and all the travel problems….honestly I’m alright losing a game to the top place team in the other division. If you would have asked me what I expected our record to be after this 3 week period, we did much better than I hoped for….so we’ll take it. Plus, the jumbled lines from all of our top players being in Nashville…..I like where we are right now.

    Lewis has been insanely good as of late, and I noticed A LOT of great plays made by Aaron Johnson tonight. We’ve had too many guys at the point who fumble pucks when they are sent back to them, and can’t hold the zone unless a pass is made directly to them, but Johnson is a beast on the blueline holding the zone.

    It’ll be interesting to see what our clear day roster looks like.

    I hated Belac(k) with Nashville, and I’m totally fine with him not reporting to Milwaukee.

  2. You know what irked me the most? We got to the BC just as the doors opened at 6:30, by the time we found out where the Packers players were signing and got up there it was about 6:40 and there was an usher already up there not letting any more people in line…that was a total bummer, I couldn’t get there any quicker and was already turned around.

    I saw Marty Murray back with Manitoba, has he been there all season? I know we only loaned him from Manitoba last season, but I didn’t realize he was back.

  3. Couloumbe stood out. He husteled and worked hard along the boards. He didn’t make any glaring mistakes I thought.

    I thought Johnson played a quietly solid game.

    Agreed that the linesmen were trash. There were two icings (one on both teams) that I could have sworn the opposing team touched the puck at some point after the initial shot that should have wiped out the icing.

  4. Warmups aren’t the same without Blum throwing pucks from the bench and Klasen taking some early warmup shots on goal with Andreas.

    Coulombe looks lime a midget. Hustle or not, he lacks the size to stick. And the other guys were invisable.

    I like Dekanich but Smith should have started the game. Mark looked off in warmups but Smith was on. I imagine 42 saves winds you a bit.

  5. Mark… that’s Garth Murray, not Marty. Similarly, MiB, Murray wore #16 after Cal last year also, but you weren’t here so at least I forgive you for that one.

    How about we all accept that all of the linesman and refs are awful and move on? Unfortunately, that’s what I’ve resigned myself to do.

    Didn’t see much from anyone, they seemed to be outworked, much like they did to Chicago on Friday night.

    BTW, what is Mike Bartlett’s function on the team? Frankly, I see him expendable by either Shields or McBride whenever another forward returns. Hard to say from last night’s game, but I love McBride’s play but that’s based off a larger sampling size from his time with Houston this season.

  6. Clear Day rosters are so fluid anyway, that I doubt you’ll see any new guys on it as they will be able to be added anyway if enough players are either injured or on call up. Look for any and every player that can be sent down from Nashville to be on it though. Will also be interesting to see if a Ryan Ellis or Latta gets a playoff call.

  7. @Chris. Since you see many games at other arenas, I assume that your opinion of the on ice officials includes all AHL games that you cover and not just last night’s or Admirals home games. You make a powerful arguement that the AHL has a problem.

    @CreedFeed You chided me for complaining about the on ice officials about two weeks ago. Welcome to the rapidly increasing club, brother!

    I always know that the officials are doing a bad job when they make bad calls against the visitors. I have seen a lot of that this year. I would blame the 2 ref system in the NHL and AHL except the linesmen also stink. The linesmen in Milwaukee have been much worse than usual this season. I am starting to miss Jay Jacobs! The refs are uneven, some good, some bad, not many in the middle anymore.

  8. Adsfan, you are correct, I would tend to believe that my sample size is a little larger than the typical Ads fan. One example from earlier this week was the Wolves being screwed out of 2 3rd Pd goals in Peoria due to early whistles, one of which was still bouncing through Allen’s 5 hole as the ref blew it dead.

    Part of me wonders though is it THIS bad throughout the AHL or just the refs we get in the Midwest? It seems certain refs, like Jeff Smith are in the Texas area alot more, and I would assume we typically see the same (insert adjective here) refs in Midwest.

  9. > One example from earlier this week was the Wolves being screwed
    > out of 2 3rd Pd goals in Peoria due to early whistles

    I don’t know the circumstances of this (and I’m not trying to argue the particular instance you mentioned here) but early whistles are not necessarily a sign of a bad ref. If a ref loses sight of the puck he can blow the whistle. The rules also specify intent to blow the whistle as well. If anything, this isn’t a problem of a bad ref, but rather the lack of two refs (for every game) and video review.

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