Preds Swap The Goalies Back

(Photo credit:  Eric W Kent)

The Preds sent Anders Lindback to Milwaukee to get some work in.

He played four games and five days.

He got some work in.  Mission accomplished.  And as Coach Lambert said after the game yesterday, Lindback is returning to Nashville.

MEMO TO THE PREDATORS AND BARRY TROTZ AND MITCH KORN:  WORK ON LINDBACK’S PUCK HANDLING!  There were some bad goals given up in the last 48 hours as a result of Lindback errors in judgment or execution.

And on that note….welcome back Dex!

5 thoughts on “Preds Swap The Goalies Back”

  1. Now, let’s see Jeremy more in goal also … He deserves more playing time. I think he is an extremely talented goalie ! I foresee him in the NHL in the near future. Hopefully, Nashville realizes his potential.

  2. so lindback plays 4 games in 5 days and you complain at errors? Face it, any world class goalie would make errors after playing that much in a short stint.

    Now this team needs klasen back (whom you never graded) for some real scoring potential.

  3. Sune — Despite the workload (which was probably dictated by NHL team), I don’t think I’m out of line compaining about errors like the ones he made this weekend. We’re talking lapses of basic hand-eye coordination. If the puck is slowly rolling to a goalie, they should be able to cover it. Lindback didn’t, and it turned into a goal. If the goalie wants to play the puck behind the net, they’d better not wiff at their clearing attempt. Lindback wiffed, and it turned into a goal. I’m not a goalie, but I find it tough to believe that we could attribute those lapses to the workload. These are professionals.

    And just for you, I’ll grade Klasen now: A for offense, C- for defense. We’ll call it a B overall. He’s hurt now, but I hope we’ll get him back soon.

  4. Lindback’s puck handling and rebound problems are well known here in Nash. If he’s going to be a Rinne clone, he’s got to corral those – or as Rinne does sometimes – kick them to a harmless area.

  5. The goal by Miller was terrible! It was the kind of play that you expect from 9 year olds, not NHL goalies. The worse part was that Lindback was terrific in the first period of that game. He had 16 saves or so against Chicago, most of them on the two early power plays.

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