Hugh Jessiman to Make NHL Debut Tonight

Hat tip to Mr. Puck Daddy, who hat tipped over to George Richards of the Miami Herald.

Hugh Jessiman has been called up to the Florida Panthers, and is in line to make his NHL debut tonight — making him the last 1st round draftee from 2003 to do so.

I think I speak for everyone in Milwaukee (especially reader Broad Street Bully) when I say that we couldn’t be happier for Hughie.

Mazel tov, indeed.  Good luck tonight!

And follow that link….check out Hughie’s hair from eight years ago!!!

3 thoughts on “Hugh Jessiman to Make NHL Debut Tonight”

  1. Congrats to Hughie! and who are new kids on the Admirals roster?! One was assigned #3…an indicator that the Preds plan on keeping Jon?

  2. Being the Facebook stalker I am. Klasen has posted that he is “back on track”. Assuming that means he’s good to go!

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