The Ice


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7 Responses to The Ice

  1. MiB says:

    I don’t understand why there is such outrageous outrage (as I have seen on fb) towards this. Its one Wisconsin sports team finding a unique creative way to support another in a way that doesn’t take much away from the game itself. If it was entirely green and gold I would puke but this is thoughtful and tasteful (the way the admirals always operate)

    Would the Packers ever do something like this to show support for the Ads? Of course not but that’s ok.

    Now if after the super bowl we can ad some purple and make it Mardi Gras themed I would be totally alright with that!

  2. MiB says:

    and from a comment I read elsewhere, that is when they had just put the coat of paint down, they’ve iced over it now and it’s a more dull green and gold (which is a good thing)

  3. SantaC says:

    honestly it looks pretty bad. But atleast it is better than having ads once the ice everywhere like in SEL.

  4. CreedFeed says:

    Before I said it was dumb but now that I think about it, the marketing results of it seem to be paying off so I guess I don’t really care in the end. There’s been stories of this on the JSOnline home page, the news, etc. so… cool.

  5. Monkey in the Middle says:

    Won’t that be distracting to the players?

  6. Sutty says:

    i love Easter!!!

  7. Mark says:

    Gotta agree with Monkey. I, as a fan, like it. However I’d like to get a player’s opinion on it. Tonight it seems that only Peoria was distracted by it though!

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