Mueller and Halischuk Milwaukee Bound

Obviously, they requested to be sent down so they could be present for Country Music Night, Friday at the Bradley Center with Rodney Atkins.

Ok, probably not.

But they are coming back to Milwaukee, at least for the weekend.  With the NHL on their all-star break, this may be just so that they get some meaningful ice-time.  Tough to say whether they’ll be called back AFTER the all-star break, but it wouldn’t be surprising.  Both players have made good impressions with the folks in Nashville, and both have contributed on both sides of the ice.

But let’s live in the now.  It’ll be great to have them back in the lineup this weekend.  You’d rather see Halischuk and Mueller in the lineup than say….Dan Gendur, right?

6 thoughts on “Mueller and Halischuk Milwaukee Bound”

  1. On an unrelated topic. Why have nashville drafted so many small offensively skilled swedes lately? Oh I cant wait until next season when WJC sensation Cehlin comes over and is wasted under Trotz defensive system (and buried in AHL). Cehlin isn’t much different from Klasen, and they do no not fit the predators current system of play. This is more of a question to the management who should know what type of players they draft?

  2. On a really unrelated topic… for some reason, the faceoff circles at the BC have been painted yellow and green. I can’t figure out why, but from what I’ve seen, it looks pretty stupid.

  3. I have a tough time considering a soon to be 20-year old as BURIED in the AHL.

    As for the face-off circles…..yeah, they’ll be green and gold for the next three games. I’m hopeful that they’ll look better than the mock-up in the media advisory. I haven’t seen the final product yet, but we’ll see tomorrow.

    I think it’ll be better than an all-pink sheet of ice….

  4. Hey! How bout this post! Great news for the admirals especially if Bourque is still out. Do we have any update on him and Wilson?

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