An Apology

There was some great discussion in the thread about the Admirals/Wolves game on Sunday…but there was also some parts that got a little out of hand.

I’m referring to the comments regarding the National Anthem performance.

We’re all part of the Admirals family here, and when we should have been supportive, we weren’t.

And as the editor of this blog, I let things get out of hand…which is unacceptable.  I have removed/edited the comments in the previous thread that discussed this.

So on behalf of myself, and the readers, I’d like to offer an apology to “Chels” and her family.  I dropped the ball on this one.

Chels, I hope that you’ll come back and perform again, and I know that if you do, you’ll bring the house down.  Or you’ll raise the roof….whichever cliche you’d rather do.

I’m closing the comments on this post.

Thanks for reading.  We’ll have some more content later today.