“The Proof” Scores Twice, Admirals Finally Defeat Wolves

There was not going to be a 3rd period collapse.

The Admirals kept the pedal to the metal, outshooting the Wolves 30-13 over the final two periods, en route to a huge 4-1 victory over Chicago, closing out this three game homestand.

The Admirals finished the homestand with 5 out of a possible 6 points, and will take to the road for the next 10 games.  While 5 out of 6 sounds good, Coach Lane Lambert would have preferred all six.

More from Lane.

The Wolves were playing their third game in three nights, and didn’t seem to have the usual electricity in their play that we’re used to seeing from them.  After Edward Pasquale had won the first three games of the season series against the Admirals, the Wolves didn’t even dress him tonight, electing to go with Peter Mannino in net, and Drew MacIntyre opening the bench door.

Likewise, Mark Dekanich made his first start of the season against the Wolves, and turned aside 26 of the 27 shots he faced.  After the 14 shots he saw in the first period, he wasn’t particularly tested the rest of the way.

The Admirals scored the first goal on a shot from the point by Teemu Laakso.  The shot went off of a Wolf defender and changed direction enough to get by Mannino.

Darren Haydar answered for the Wolves 3:16 later.  He scores goals.  That’s what he does.

But in the second period, the Admirals did something that we haven’t seen them do in awhile — they shifted into a higher gear.

Kelsey Wilson scored his 3rd of the year, again with a little bit of puck luck.  Mark Van Guilder won the offensive zone faceoff back to Jon Blum at the near point.  His slapshot busted his stick, as the blade went farther than the puck did.  But the puck went right to Kelsey Wilson in the slot, who fired a shot that found the back of the net before Mannino could get back into position.

Mark “The Proof” Santorelli scored in his second straight game, this one a power play goal.  Again, it was a Jon Blum shot from the post that got it going.  Blum’s shot hit iron, but the rebound kicked to Santorelli on the right doorstep for the put-back.

Santorelli potted another power play goal at 13:29 of the 3rd.  Roman Josi had a shot from the point that was saved by Mannino, but there was a scrum in front of the crease for the loose puck.  Matt Halischuk got a stick on it, but couldn’t get a shot off.  Santorelli was able to chip it it.

Don’t look now, but The Proof is 2nd on the team in goals behind Klasen.

Frustration really set in during the 3rd period for the Wolves.  Darren Haydar was called for a retaliating slashing penalty after Gabriel Bourque went for a hard hit on him.  The slash happened behind the play, and on an average night, would probably go unnoticed.  But we had two referees tonight, and the trailing ref had the call.

Defenseman Boris Valabik let out some frustration on the backside of Jamie Lundmark’s head with about 6 minutes left in the game.

But the hit that stung the most was courtesy of Spencer Machacek.  He had a blindside hit on Blake Geoffrion in the second period that sent him tumbling to the ice.  Looked like he got his clock cleaned pretty good.  No penalty was called on the play.

Blake skated off the ice with the trainer, and came back out for one shift later in the period, before missing the rest of the game.  Here’s coach Lambert on the hit.

We can tell you that while we were waiting for Lane to come out, Blake came down the hallway in his suit and said hello on his way out to visit with folks.  He didn’t come out with crutches or an ice pack on his head.  But I’m not a doctor, and head shots are dangerous.   We’ll follow up again with them this week on what his story is.


– Roman Josi and Jon Blum were paired together for most if not all of the game.  And wow.  Wow wow wow wow wow.   Both played very well, especially on the power play.  They were both on the ice for the last three Admiral goals.  Josi had SEVEN shots.  Either one of them can jump into the play to create scoring chances.  They may end up being better than when Sulzer and Franson were paired together.

– This was the best I have seen them play all season with regards to putting pucks on net and then crashing the net.  And they were good at it for 60 minutes.  VERY high marks.

– Coach had one of his chalktalk sessions for the season ticket holders before the game, and I’d like to credit “D-La” for a great question in the Q&A session.  Paraphrasing….she asked if there is any danger or worry of former players (ie: Nolan Yonkman) spilling the beans to their new teams about the Admirals systems.  GREAT question.  And Lane’s answer was pretty good too.  They don’t worry about it so much.  Yonkman probably can’t tell them anything more than what the coaches already know.  The coaches spend a lot of time watching the film and they already have a good idea of what works and doesn’t work for opponents.  The thing that they have to watch out for is a little extra adreniline from players who are facing their former team for the first time.

– Looked like Klasen was going to be held off the scoresheet for the game, but they later credited him with an assist on Laakso’s first goal.

– Aaron Johnson…. same old Aaron Johnson.  Sigh.

– Cincy shutout Wheeling last night.  Chet Pickard did not play.  Drat.  Their schedule this week is Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun.

Questions for discussion:

– Agree or disagree about the Blum-Josi pairing?
–  Was this a “must win” game, heading into the long road trip against a team that had won three in a row against the Admirals?
–  Do you like the two-referee system?
– The team is 2-0 with Jason Bohn as the timekeeper.  Is Dean “The Dream” Zanoni’s job in jeopardy?

16 thoughts on ““The Proof” Scores Twice, Admirals Finally Defeat Wolves”

  1. I gotta say I must have a magic penny or something. While working the clock I had 2 leads of 2-0 that Dean choked away in 3-2 losses. We win Friday and Sunday while Deano is out of town. Do I smell a facebook petition? Rest of my analysis coming soon.

  2. What exactly occured on the Valabik play towards the end of the 3rd? Valabik got a fighting penalty, even though he didn’t fight anyone, and the aggressor call?

  3. Valabik got a 5 min major for roughing I believe, and a game misconduct. Looks like he got pissed that Lundmark TRIED (but missed) to check him and Valabik just started punching him in the back of the head while Lundmark was turned away from him.

  4. What was the deal with Deveaux only getting 2 mins for going onto the bench to go after Ford?

    The team sure looked good.

    Do you like the two-referee system seemed to make better calls this game than the past couple of games.

    In fairness I can not end this post with out a congratulatory metaphorical high five to Santorelli. It sure looks like he is the “sequel” to his bothers’ scoring prowess.

  5. Made it home and grabbed my AHL rule book….

    Aggressor is one of the many fighting penalties listed under rule 46, which is on Table 6 on page 196 (if you are scoring at home…or even if you are alone)

    The actual definition can be found on page 95.

    46.2- Aggressor – The aggressor in an altercation shall be the player who continues to throw punches in an attempt to inflict punishment (as opposed to?) on his opponent who is in a defenseless position or who is an unwilling combatant.

    A player who is deemed to be the aggressor of an altercation shall be assessed a major penalty for fighting and a game misconduct.

    …..so, in a long word…yes, absolutely the correct call.

    The Blum-Josi pairing is incredible…..Josi is REALLY offensive minded, and hopefully that won’t cost him at any point.

    I think this was a must win for the Admirals. Get the Chicago monkey off their back, and finish the homestand strong.

    2 ref system has its upside and downside. There were a couple things I would think deserved a call, only to see both of them watching and no call. Plus it helps that someone else was there to make up for Al Stensland. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all, but he just seems like a slow, old, putz. And why does he only work Chicago/Milwaukee games? Seems sheisty.

    Once Chicago got down, they turned into some of the biggest whiney bitches I’ve seen since most of the girls I’ve dated. Deveaux cried like a bitch, Haydar cried like a bitch, and the Valabik bs was just insane. Just then again, it’s Valabik being Valabik.

    Extremely impressed with lil santo.

    As for the Klasen “assist” He wasn’t given an assist by the official scorer. Even after the Ref came over to ask for it. The official scorer reviewed the play and said no to the assist…yet it magically appears later? A little home cooking for the best player on the team I’m sure.

  6. Your distain for Aaron Johnson is getting old, the one consistant in you blog/twitter reports – If I can find a negative about Aaron Johnson…I’ll jump on it!

  7. – The first game of the year, I thought Aaron Johnson was the only player in an Ads jersey playing with any intensity. Now I just see him making “Franson-esque” mistakes at the blue line.
    – I’m cutting the anthem player a little slack because she wasn’t playing a solo arrangement
    – Perhaps a trip to Cincy is in store for the Dream? My best guess is focus issue, but with a young upstart like J-Bone waiting in the wings you can’t just take your job for granted.

  8. Last night’s highlights:

    Listen, you want to hear about crying bitches, I’ll roll out my notes for every Milwaukee/Chicago tilt I’ve worked the penalty box for, and we can compare notes.

  9. Oh I didn’t know this recap was a full report on the history of the milwaukee/chicago rivalry. Here I was thinking it was just a report on last nights game. Silly me

  10. Good win for the Admirals… nice way for them to start a 2.5 week road trip, plus we just can’t give up points to Chicago the rest of the year. One has to assume that Chicago will get their act together over the course of the season and we’ll be battling with them for playoff positioning.

    I don’t get the Aaron Johnson comments for this game. I thought he played well last night. He hustled in both zones and I didn’t see any glaring mistakes from him. I think splitting him and Palin up was good for the defensive units.

    As a reader of Wolfkeeper’s forums, I see why they (Wolves fans) hate Valabik so much. He was not that good last night. The first goal was his fault, and he was slow and sluggish getting into position.

    Did Haydar have a legitimate gripe against whoever checked him in the third period behind the Wolves goal? (Was it Bourque?) Looking at the replay on the scoreboard I thought perhaps our player led the check with his knee and that’s what pissed him off so much?

    The replay of the hit on Geoffrion sure looked like Machacek led with his elbow… thought he should have received an elbowing penalty at the minimum.

    Finally, I love the two ref system. Sure calls are going to be missed even with two refs, but I think it’s less likely to have the most obvious calls go missed. The other great thing is both goals are covered by a ref standing behind them. Until the AHL institutes a replay rule with proper goal cams, having a ref planted at the back of each net during offensive rushes is great. (And according to Wolfkeeper’s site and the Wolves’ broadcast the other day, the AHL is testing goal cams in Chicago!). One of the refs did however get in the way a few times behind the goal though.

  11. Creedfeed, I thought Bourque’s check was clean, but at the same time, maybe it was the fact that very few people actually check Haydar, that Darren got upset?

    There were other times in the game where Admirals could have laid out hits on Haydar and they let up or just lightly shoved him (which can still go a long way on him)

    And as much as I’m on the Aaron Johnson to Cincy bandwagon, I thought he played a solid game. He didnt take a stupid penalty (or multiple) and wasn’t on the ice for the one Wolves goal… what more do you want from him?

    Glad to see people aren’t calling for Machacek’s head after his hit on Geoffrion like they were last year when Blake fell after getting hit by Oystrick. Maybe the fact Geoffrion hasn’t done anything since last season?

  12. Yeah Haydar was upset about a supposed knee to knee hit. But since he is a midget I find that impossible. If a grown up tried to go knee to knee with him…it would hit haydar in the thigh

  13. Now we’re talking…good discussion here. Thanks everyone.

    I probably have been too hard on Aaron Johnson, lately in particular. I think my judgement was clouded Sunday by one AWFUL shift that fortunately didn’t lead to a goal, and just the fact that Blum and Josi were playing off the charts by comparison. But all in all, ok, that was a decent game from him. Thanks for the reality check.

    Is it right to assume that Valabik wouldn’t have been playing had Kulda and Sifers been okay to go?

    Bourque isn’t exactly a giant either….I think he’s an inch taller than Klasen? Haydar may have had somewhat of a gripe, but I don’t recall that they were both moving in opposite directions in open ice. It looked like Bourque got more boards than anything else.

  14. You did the right thing, Ryan. Apologizing and removing the negative comments. Your Mom is proud of you. :)

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