Pickard Re-Assigned To Cincy

The Admirals are going to see if lightning can strike twice.

Chet Pickard has been reassigned to the Cincinnati Cyclones of the ECHL, after starting this season 0-3-1, and not having won in his last 13 decisions dating back to last season.

This isn’t uncharted territory, as Mark Dekanich had a similar demotion last season.  He played two games for the Cyclones at the start of December, and he gave up just one goal over those two games.

Dekanich then won his next five games for the Admirals when he arrived back in Cream City, and was noticably more comfortable in net.

So here’s hoping Chet has a productive stint in Ohio.  The Cyclones play Friday, Saturday, Tuesday, and then Wednesday.  We’ll keep you posted on his performance this weekend.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Smith has been recalled to Milwaukee, likely to be in charge of opening the bench door.

8 thoughts on “Pickard Re-Assigned To Cincy”

  1. I sure hope this works.
    He is our future, both for the Ads in the near term and the Preds later own.

    Bets of luck Chet.

  2. Good, I hope he takes it as a learning experience, and not as a demotion.
    Think Smith will get a start while he’s here?

  3. This is the best thing that can happen to Chet Pickard. Sporadically playing in Milwaukee was not helping him as a goaltender who was dealing with fundamental problems. I say a week or two of conditioning and playing every night can only help. Pickard is far too talented a netminder to play as poorly as he has so far.

  4. Hey Ryan,
    Give Smith a chance before you drink any more of the Nashville Kool-aid. He has the credentials but has not yet been given any chance to prove himself. Have an open mind and you’ll be pleasantly suprised. Judge him by his numbers, they don’t lie.

  5. Jeremy is a good goalie. You guys might not know this but Jeremy and Robert Mayer, plays for Hamilton Bulldogs this year, were both co-mvp for the playoffs last year. I just wish it didn’t happen this week since the Cyclones opening night is this Saturday. I wish Jeremy the best of luck up there in Milwaukee.

  6. Coming back to this post here — Has Smith’s rebound control improved at all? That was what stuck out for me about Smith in the pre-season….if the defense wasn’t well positioned to clear those pucks away, it could have been a disaster.

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