The Case Of Chet Pickard

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Chet Pickard has now lost 13 straight decisions, the latest a 4-3 loss in Chicago last night.

For his last win, you need to go back to February 5th, 2010.  He still gave up 3 goals to the Houston Aeros in that game, but the Admirals provided him with 5 goals of support, including staking him to a 3-0 lead in the first 25:04 of the game.

So has it been a case of lacking offensive support in those 13 losses?

Partially.  The Admirals have averaged exactly two goals per game over those 13 losses.  And if you take out the 5 goals they scored in a game last season that Pickard lost after relieving Mark Dekanich,  that’s a 1.75 goals per game average over the other 12 games.  So the lack of offense has certainly made it a little more challenging for Chet.

Tough luck?  Maybe a little bit.  But Chet needs to be able to make his own luck sometimes.  And when we’re throwing around words like “softie”, “unacceptable”, “stoppable”, and  “weak” to describe the goals he’s allowing, he can be his own worst enemy too.

We’ve seen the talent.  But the confidence has got to be…let’s say…on the low side.

So Roundtable — what do we do about Chet?

– Have him spend some time in Cincy?  Worked well for Mark Dekanich last season.
– Have him spend some quality time with Mitch Korn this week?
– Practice, practice, practice, and just be ready for next game?
–  Other _______________ (be creative)

9 thoughts on “The Case Of Chet Pickard”

  1. Send Chet to the Queen City to meet up with Mitch “King” Korn. Maybe he can get his game back. Work on closing that 5 hole.

  2. I suppose at some point it would make sense to sent him down to Cincy, to play in three or four straight. However he was in 36 games here last year, maybe he has to figure it out here.

    He came into the season looking like he was in better shape.Maybe he just needs a couple more games to lock in. He’ll be 21 in a month, so I don’t think they going to hurry him, with Nashville’s Goalie situation.

  3. I keep hearing he’s the future of Nashville, (and I’m not being sarcastic, I’m still relatively new to hockey) but is he really??? I understand he is a first round pick, but with a young goaltender in Rinne who’s easily above average, and a good NHL start for Lindback. Does Nashville really ever see Pickard as their #1 guy of the future? Or is he now more along the lines of trade bait?

  4. I also think he needs to get more games in here. It’s early in the season so they should give him more starts now. He could also benefit from better defense then they gave him on Sunday. And maybe no more Wolves games because they just seem to find a way to beat us by 1 goal everytime.

    I think some extra coaching from Mitch Korn would help. BOTH goalies could use work on shootouts.

    Pickard is the future for the Preds, not Deks. There has been talk that they may showcase Lindback, then trade him before the deadline.

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