Inching Closer To Opening Night

About 48 hours until the new season.

Alexander Sulzer cleared waivers, but he hasn’t been assigned to Milwaukee yet.  In the grand scheme, it’s not the worst thing….It’s not like we have a shortage of defensemen on the roster at the moment.  Dirk at On The Forecheck sums the Sulzer situation up nicely.

“They now have a 30-day (or 10 game) window in which they can send him down to the Admirals before requiring another waiver, if they decide later on to do so. Presumably he’s still here to serve as a 7th defenseman, particularly since Shane O’Brien has to get paperwork in place to begin work in the U.S. as he transitions from Vancouver. You never know when bureaucratic delays can turn messy, so it wouldn’t make sense to send Sulzer down before (at the very least) O’Brien is on the ice in Nashville.”

Josh Cooper has a feature piece on Cal O’Reilly at the Tennessean website.

Aaron Sims has a new blog entry on the Admirals website.  He breaks down the defensemen on the roster, makes a Steve DeBerg reference, and gives an update on Roman Josi’s injury.

And finally this morning, don’t know if you had the chance to check out Jon Greenberg’s chat JSOnline….but if you didn’t, this link will take you there!

One thought on “Inching Closer To Opening Night”

  1. Dunno if it was mentioned elsewhere or not, but at the season ticket holder party tonight they announced the Captain and Assistants… Brett Palin is the new C and wearing the A’s are Scott Ford and Aaron Johnson.

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