News Aplenty

While we were all worried about goalie waiver claims yesterday, the Preds were mulling other moves.

And two of them came out of left field today.

They traded defenseman Ryan Parent and forward Jonas Andersson (both former Admirals) to Vancouver, in exchange for defenseman Shane O’Brien and a prospect (forward Dan Gendur).

Then, they placed defenseman Alexander Sulzer on waivers, likely with the intention of sending him to Milwaukee.  This comes a day after defenseman Aaron Johnson cleared waivers, and set sail for Cream City.  This also leaves the Preds with just 6 defenseman on their roster.

Makes you wonder if there isn’t more stuff in the works too.

Why O’Brien?  Josh Cooper from the Tennessean sums it up nicely here:

“Expe­rience plays a big role in the NHL, and Parent had pla­yed 102 games in an injury-plagued career, while O’Brien had been a regu­lar for two con­se­cu­tive divi­sion cham­pionship teams.”

Ultimately, this was a salary dump for the Canucks, since they were over the cap, and need to not be by Wednesday.  Both Parent and Andersson were placed on waivers as soon as the deal was done, so we MAY be seeing both of them as members of the Manitoba Moose this year.

Unless someone claims them.  Someone…..maybe, Nashville?  I don’t even know if that’s possible, or if the CBA would frown on it (the CBA and I haven’t been on speaking terms for quite some time now).  But it’d be a pretty shrewd move by David Poile if he went that route…..basically trading for a tough defenseman, and then claiming what he gave up on waivers the next day!

A question that’ll need to be answered is where this Dan Gendur guy goes.  He’s Nashville property now.  Does he get a ticket to Milwaukee or Cincy?  Last year he split time between Johnstown and Victoria of the ECHL, recording 12 points in 29 games.  Cincy is my bet.

As far as Sulzer goes, he’s on a one-way contract, so he’s making the same change no matter where he plays.  He may get claimed, or he might sneak through and add some more scoring and leadership to what is becoming an incredibly deep batch of defenseman in Milwaukee.  The thing that makes him different than Aaron Johnson, is that Sulzer would need to pass through re-entry waivers should the Preds attempt to bring him back up.  Johnson would not have to go through those motions.

Blum, Sulzer, Josi (when healthy), Palin, Johnson, Lewis, Ford, and Lehman.  Pretty solid group.

Sorry Julien Brouillette….we may be hearing of your release sometime soon.

We’ll find out the waiver fates of Parent, Andersson, and Sulzer late tomorrow morning.

So yeah….that’s a lot to digest.  What do you make of it, Roundtable? Leave a message.

4 thoughts on “News Aplenty”

  1. Ya very weird to say the least. It would be quite amazing to have the Preds claim Parent on waivers! It seems like Poile has an obsession with Parent and now he deals him again.

    Question – so if O’Brien already cleared waivers when Vancouver waived him, can the Preds send him to Milwaukee or must he clear waivers again? hah??

    On the plus side, they say defense wins championships… well we have ourselves a nice solid defensive lineup now!

  2. Maybe the Preds ownership, told Poile “make it so”. The West isn’t wide open, but it surely is a changing. Parent looked like a deer in the head lights in the Calder in 2006. Maybe upond closer inspection Poile spottcd a cotton tail on him.

    I think it’s just so odd how Lindback would be the backup for Pekka in Predland. I bet they trade him before the deadline.

  3. Defense is shaping up.

    As far as the forwards, looking forward to see who will be on the opening day roster and probably even more anxious to see who is playing with who.

    Looking forward to the first regular season post.

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