Tuesday Readings

So most of the news is currently happening in Nashville.  So for a short while, we’re going to outsource for some content!

Read up on Preds training camp in places like these:

Aaron Sims had a conversation with Admirals assistant coach Ian Herbers.  Check out his latest blog entry here!

An opinion about the race to backup Pekka Rinne this year.  Mark Dekanich supposedly is the early favorite.  And Dex has our favorite quote about “The road to Nashville…..”  Get ready to hear that about 242 more times over the course of the season.

Are you in to Twitter?  If you are, you should follow us @adsroundtable.  But also follow @SLakePreds , as he’s tweeting from the scrimmages at training camp today.  SLake (aka Seth) is brought to you by the good people at On The Forecheck.

And we should have some news a little later today about the Milwaukee opening training camp roster… Stay tuned!

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