So….Where Were We?

Welcome to the ribbon-cutting post of a new blog.

Here’s a quick introduction, and an explanation on what you should expect from the this exciting new project.

My name is Ryan Miller, and for the last two seasons, I contributed to the Admirals Short Shifts blog at, and then eventually  The blog was shut down at the end of last season, as the authors were suffering from symptoms related to an ailment known as “burnout”.

But that left a void in the Admirals web-universe.  We had a great community of hockey fans that posted their thoughts on a regular basis at the Short Shifts blog.  And it is the mission of this new blog to provide Admirals fans a similar outlet, while not keeping me at the rink until 11pm transcribing quotes and writing game recaps.

Let me be clear:  This is not going to be Short Shifts Part II.  The cast is going to be different, and the focus is going to be different.  While Short Shifts was more of a snarky-beat-writer kind of format, this blog is intended to be news and discussion driven.

Some things may be the same….there may be some running jokes, we may still give Mark Santorelli a hard time, and we may be able to coax Eric Kent out of retirement to create an April Fools Day post for the ages.  But first and foremost, this is intended to be an outlet for you to speak your mind about the local hockey team that you love, and hopefully you will feel inclined to contribute often to the roundtable.

So update your bookmarks!  And let’s get this show on the road!

More to come….

2 thoughts on “So….Where Were We?”

  1. As an out of town Admirals fan. It is good to have another blog back to voice some opinions and crack a few jokes.

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