Chatterbox, Vol. 262

(Photo Credit: Jeff Hanisch)

This morning was an optional skate for the Milwaukee Admirals. It has been quite a whirlwind two weeks to be honest: traveling to Manitoba, traveling to Texas, traveling back home, three games in three days with the middle game featuring a five hour bus ride in and out of Grand Rapids, and then playing a game at 10:30 AM. Still, with the team buzzing on a four-game winning streak, it was fun to hit the rink at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena and check in with the team.

The skate around today still featured a decent handful of forwards, defensemen, and both goaltenders. You can’t even say that it was an off-day for veterans as the likes of Bobby Butler and Petter Granberg took part. It was mainly a skills day with some good, hard passing drills that got the feet moving as well. I actually think getting that crisp passing going will be something to watch on the weekend in order for the Admirals offense to start matching their defense.

After practice wrapped up at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena I was able to chat with Mark McNeill, Troy Grosenick, Tyler Gaudet, and *drum roll* Jimmy Oligny. Yes, the leader of the French Fries was back practicing with the group and appears very close to both playing this weekend and inventing an Olympic sport.

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