Chatterbox, Vol. 209

(Photo Credit: Brooks Bratten)

Today was the first day of 2017 Nashville Predators Rookie Development Camp. The group participated in on-ice activities this afternoon at the Centennial Sportsplex and the full roster for the week’s festivities became that much clearer as it was split into two teams.

~Team 1~

Forwards: Tyler Kelleher, Justin Kirkland, Seamus Malone, Tyler Moy, Tommy Novak, Alex Overhardt, Anthony Richard, Jason Salvaggio, and Eeli Tolvanen

Defensemen: Frédéric Allard, Jack Dougherty, Dante Fabbro, David Farrance, Joonas Lyytinen, and Jacob Paquette

Goaltenders: Karel Vejmelka and Atte Tolvanen

~Team 2~

Forwards: Hank Crone, Victor Ejdsell, Patrick Harper, Ryan Hughes, Grant Mismash, Rem Pitlick, Gera Poddubnyi, Nathan Sucese, and Yakov Trenin

Defensemen: Alex Carrier, Samuel Girard, Matt Foley, Zach Osburn, and Adam Smith

Goaltenders: Étienne Marcoux, Andrew Shortridge, and Tomáš Vomáčka

From those rosters alone there is a lot to digest because the 2017 NHL Draft took place since the preliminary roster surfaced in addition to more invitees to the week ahead here in Nashville. I will add though that it felt like there were some bodies missing from today’s practice with the most noticeable being Fabbro. Not sure why that was the case but he was absent on Day 1.

There were numerous players that really impressed me from today’s first on-ice session. Mismash has a lot of skill, great shot, and skates well and looks a lot bigger on the ice than I expected – so you can check off strength in his skill set as well. Farrence was another member of the 2017 draft class who I felt looked outstanding for how quick his skating ability was. As for Milwaukee familiars: Richard, Kelleher, Carrier, and Trenin looked as most fans would remember. I say that with a slight asterisk to Kelleher because he looked much better than I remember him in his brief stay at the end of the season with the Admirals right out of college. He looked far more comfortable today.

An end-season question that I had was also answered: did Moy graduate from Harvard on time? He in fact did and earned a degree in Human Evolutionary Biology from Harvard. He was still finishing up homework as he was making his pro debut as a member of the Admirals at the end of the 2016-17 season. The degree has been earned. The professional hockey career begins this Fall.

After both teams sessions ended the media was given access to the prospects. Rather than shoot for the most recent draft class I went with the Admirals bound lads and familiar faces on Day 1. Amusingly, a lot of those familiar faces just so happened to be sat next to one-another so there was a lot of playful ribbing taking place. Here were all of today’s interviews.

Admirals Roundtable will be active in Nashville this entire week for Rookie Development Camp. Expect continued updates and interviews from this week.

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